Smart ways to built quality backlinks fast

The smart way to get a backlink is one that does not incur the wrath of Google. The smarter ways of getting backlinks is where you do as little effort as possible. In the old days this meant linking from a comment section comment instead of writing a full article and getting a link from that. But, you want to try finding a followed comment section these days because you could have written ten articles in the time it took you to find a followed comment section. With all that in mind, let’s say that this article gives you smart ways to build backlinks where the word “smart” means Google accepted methods. 

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ways to built quality backlinks

Smart ways to built quality backlinks fast

Article websites are still the smartest way 

These types of websites have had a very bad rap in the past and a lot of them were pushed off of the search engine results pages by Google. The ones that remain and that are on the Google search engine results pages are the ones that are good and that you can use, and use them you should because they allow you to post about any subjects you wish. They are also less picky about what content you write than things such as blogs are, plus you can get a relevant and strong link from the website. 

When people go online they go to article sites if they want to find things out. They do not go to blogs, and you can use this by putting your articles onto article sites and adding your link. 

Your blog 

If you have some sort of blog, then you should update it frequently and add a link to your website. It is an easy way of getting a link and if your blog is particularly popular then you will find that it has a very good effect on the power of your link. 

Other people’s blogs 

Guest posting is very SEO friendly and very popular at the moment, so building backlinks from guest posting is (sadly) a very good way to build up a great backlink profile. The word “sadly” appears because getting people to agree to let you guest post is a time consuming hassle. 

Your websites 

If you have websites then you should be cross linking them like gunfire in a Clint Eastwood movie. There should be a lot of links that cross-link between the pages in a sensible and logical way. Do not cross-link for the heck of it, try to link web pages that would appeal to the same people such as a link from a baby food page to a kiddies clothing page. Not a link from a baby food website to a firearms enthusiast website. 

Other people’s websites 

Try to get links from other websites, and there are a lot of ways. You can ask someone politely or you can ask your fans that follow your Facebook fan page. You can pay for a link from other people’s websites or you can pay an SEO company to convince larger web masters to link to you. 


Google does advise that you get involved with the online community so that forums link to you. You can try to add forum links yourself but you may hit two problems. The first is that many forum links will not be followed by the search engines, so you need to find the ones that are. Secondly, lots of forum masters are like angry little monsters when it comes to protecting their forums and they won’t appreciate you posting links in most cases. 

Blog comment sections 

You can post backlinks on blog comment sections, and you can get strong/relevant backlinks from comment sections, but they are hard to find. First, you have to find a blog that appeals to your target consumer or that is relevant to the website you are linking to. Secondly, you need to find one that is followed, as most have the “no-follow” tag to stop spammers. Thirdly, you need to convince the blog master not to delete your backlink once it is on there. 

Article comment sections 

This is the same deal as with blog comment sections except that some allow it and some article sites do not. The ones that do not are likely to cancel or block your account if you put a link on their comment section. 

Reciprocal linking 

Find someone else who wants a few backlinks and link up one or more of your website pages. You do not have to use the same page; for example, he/she may link from a description page, and you may link from an article page. Still, you both get links from another domain and you both have an incentive to maintain the links as the other may remove their link if both are not kept intact. 

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