Smart Phones – The PC in your pocket

Smart Phones have changed the way people think about the phones. The phone is no more seen as just a calling device as there are many other uses and applications of this handy device other than just calling. The new models are being introduced in the smart phone segment on regular basis with some new features or the enhanced old ones. These small sized devices are as good as full sized desktop when it comes to carrying out some personal or professional task.


What smart phones can do?

By now everybody knows the uses of smart phone but if you have still not started using your phone to its fullest then check out for the applications below.

1. Online Shopping

Online shopping is gaining popularity and most of the online portals are coming up with apps that can be loaded on the smartphone for instant shopping. Companies have found a wide market on mobile and this is because it is handy and available at all times. You can also use this handy device to indulge in shopping online and grab offers as and when they are out.

2. Social Networking

This is another reason why smartphones have gained popularity. Social networking sites that were earlier browsed on computers are now conveniently accessed with smart phones to chat and stay in touch with friends and family. Some chatting apps have become the primary mode of communication and that is due to increasing use of smartphones.

3. Ticket Booking

Ticket booking whether for trains, flights, movies, or some events were earlier done at some specific ticket booking venue but later the same booking started taking place online on websites. Now the same bookings are possible from smartphone.

4. Camera

The new age smartphones that are offered with hi-tech cameras and flash, are good enough to replace a fully equipped camera. The smartphones having highly efficient cameras are priced very competitively on These cameras provide professional quality picture and can be carried anywhere with ease as it fits in the pocket.

5. Gaming

Smartphones have given new dimension to the gaming experience. It has both 2D and 3D games with latest graphics that would take your gaming experience to the new high. These games can be played online or offline both depending on the make of that game.

6. Official Communication

Yes, this is the most basic function of any smartphone. The phone is compatible with all types of email communications. You can have your official email account loaded on the smartphone to get the emails anytime and anywhere. All new phones are coming with preloaded office apps and email apps to make it more convenient for the users.

7. Documentation

If you are using your computer to store documents and images then now the smartphone will take care of this. The documents in all formats can be saved on the smartphone and then referred in future conveniently. The phones are now offered with sufficient internal memory and also there is provision for expansion via SD card.

The new age smartphones are capable of carrying out all major functions that any computer would do. You can grab the best model online from the e-tailer that would offer you the best discounts and support.

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