Simple Trick to Hack the Trial Version Software

The trick I am going to discuss in this post is not exactly hacking, it is just playing with date and time of your own system. Normally a trial software comes with time limit for which a user can run it. Once the trial period is over, software stops to work and a user needs to purchase the full version to use it again. Now the question is How a software determines when the time to stop working. When a trial software is installed an entry about time of installation is created in the registry files and every time user tries to open software registry entry is checked. To hack the trial version of the software there are two ways: One is to change Date and Time of your system which is not recommended and other solution is to change date and time of software only.

Run as Date to Hack Trial Software Version

Run as Date is a very simple utility tool which comes in a very small size of just 32KB and you don’t need to install it. Just download the software and unzip the file to run it. After running the tool for the first time you will see a screen like shown below:

Run as Date-Hack Trail Software

Select the application that you need to run from the “Browse” dialog box. Select the date and time as per your need and click on “Run” button. To simplify the process, you can also create a desktop shortcut.

Run as Date Software 2

Note: This article doesn’t support hacking the trial software version. recommends to buy and use genuine software. This article is just an informative content about “Run as Date” Software.

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