Should You Upgrade to Office 2019 or Not?

During the past, new versions of Microsoft Office were a big deal and were mostly associated with new versions of windows. However, in today’s world, that’s not the case. If you’re curious about Microsoft Office 2019, below is a guide that answers many questions about this new version and whether or not you should upgrade to it.

What is Microsoft Office 2019?

It’s a standalone and local version of Microsoft Office suite. It’s not cloud-based like Microsoft Office 365. Unlike the other versions, it’s a perpetual release meaning that you’re only required to purchase the software once and for all, rather than paying annual subscription fees to access it. You’re given a license to use it only on a single PC. This version has updated and replaced the 2016 versions of excel, word, access, etc. and has new features that make it user-friendly.

New features in Office 2019

Below are the important updates that users will see after they get Office 2019:

Microsoft Word

With Office 2019, you can focus better when typing a document in Word. This is because it has an aptly named focus mode which can darken your PC screen and reduce the displayed UI elements. The version has the ‘learning tools button’ which include new text spacing, text to speech, and translator feature where you can easily translate your text to and from various languages. Mac users will have customizable ribbons in their Word interface version.


Excel has new functions such as new formulas and chart options. It can also support 2D maps as well as timelines to help in presenting and organizing data better. Users can also get updates to Power Query, Power Pivot and can also export to Power BI.


Just like Word, Outlook has a new focus mode known as Focused Inbox that helps in streamlining workflow and email drafting. People can use ‘@’ commands to tag people in emails and even contact cards. It has a new feature which enables users to schedule meetings across many time zones in the calendar. Additionally, it has a Read Aloud feature that allows you to listen to all emails as spoken text.


The new features in PowerPoint are made to enhance visual and media element support during presentations. The additions have the ability to support SVG files and 3D model display/ manipulation on slides, export presentations in 4K UHD video format, new morph transitions and writing by hand and moving elements with a pencil while editing.


This is arguably the largest change in Office 2019. This new version includes Ink-to-Text support which means that your handwritten words can easily be turned into typed text. It also has better syncing between different connected devices.

These are the new features in Office 2019.

Pricing list

– Office 2019 Home and Business with Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook costs US$250 for a single Mac or PC license.

– Office 2019 Home and Student with Excel, Word, PowerPoint and without Outlook costs US$150.

– Office 2019 Professional Plus with Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Access, Publisher, Outlook and Skype for Business costs US$559.

– Office 2019 Standard with Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Access, Publisher, and Outlook costs US$410.

– Office 2019 for Mac costs US$410.

Many people and especially the businessmen can benefit if they get Office 2019. Below are some top benefits that entrepreneurs will get after upgrading to this new version:

  1. Real-time co-authoring

This feature gives businesses the ability to see what their associates are currently doing either in a word document or a complicated presentation. Additionally, you’ll get a better understanding of anything you’re doing regardless of the kind of device in use.

  1. Simplified document sharing

The new Office 2019 has enhanced a more convenient way of sharing documents in any business. The version comes with a share button on every office application that’s located on the upper right side. You’ll just need a simple one click to share your document. This minimizes the time required to send documents within an organization, which can create space for other important business operations.

  1. Smart attachments

The previous Microsoft office versions require that you must go back and locate a file you’re just about to send via email an attach it. However, with Office 2019, you’ll be able to attach a document you’ve recently worked on by clicking on the share button via Word or Outlook in the documents list. This generally improves the speed of business operations.

  1. Better History version

For easy access to different business files, this version has a History section located on its File menu. You won’t struggle to find a previous document that you need to use. This will save a lot of time since you won’t start looking for the document location in order to access it.

  1. Delve tool

This tool works by ensuring that all users can access all aspects of the stored data. All documents made, shared and consorted though the Office can be accessed through this tool.

These are some of the benefits you’ll get after upgrading to Office 2019. As an entrepreneur, you need to upgrade to this version so that you increase the speed of your business operations. Remember that the few minutes lost every time you’re trying to share a document can turn to be wasted days in the long run. By doing this, you’ll increase efficiency and productivity which in turn will help your business achieve its primary objective of profit maximization.

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