How to Share Internet Connection on Wi-Fi Hotspot with Notepad

How to Share Internet Connection over Wi-Fi is very common question asked by many users who want to use single internet connection for different devices like Smartphone and Tablet. Earlier I have posted on How to Combine Multiple internet connection for reliable and fast broadband connection. I have also share information about How to allow other computers to connect to internet in Windows 7/8 using tools like Connectify Hotspot and mHotspot. In this post I will share very cool trick to get rid of all Hotspot software’s and you can actually make your own tool on Notepad to share internet connection over Wi-Fi.

Share Internet Connection

How to Share Internet Connection on Wi-Fi Hotspot with Notepad

The trick is fairly simple and posted on different number of Blogs, my motive of writing this post is to share my honest review about the trick. First I will show How to create a simple windows batch file in Notepad to share internet connection over Wi-Fi Hotspot. Follow the steps below and you will be able to use internet on Smartphone and Tablet using Wi-Fi from your Laptop, PC Computer System.

1. Open Notepad and Type the Code shown below

” netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=Technokarak key=12345

netsh wlan start hostednetwork”

You should use the parameter values like ssid and key as per your convenience. Just change the values in bold with the one you want to use. Save the file as “Start.bat” to create a batch file. See the image below


2. Create One more notepad file and type the code shown below:

“netsh wlan stop hostednetwork”

Save the file as “Stop.bat” in the same directory as the above file.

3. That’s it and now when you have to share internet connection with Wi-Fi hotspot just double-click “Start.bat” file and when the work is done stop sharing by double clicking “Stop.bat” file.


When I first came across the trick I didn’t believe that couple of lines can make Hotspot over Wi-Fi without any software. But the trick works perfectly fine without any issues, and I was able to get access to the internet from my Laptop Wi-Fi on Mobile with awesome speed. Do try the trick and use comment box below to let me know if you face any problems in sharing internet connection using Notepad.

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