Seven Ways Your Company Can Take Advantage of Mobile Marketing in 2016

In recent years, mobile marketers have benefited from location-based services, real-time in-store offers and social media’s mass connectivity. In 2016, we’re expected to witness a new dawn of mobile marketing—one filled with advertising and outreach innovations.

In the past, customers received advertising and coupons on paper. Now, mobile technology has totally reworked the marketer’s strategy. Check out the following strategies 2016 will usher in, and find out how you can harness them to reach your brand’s full potential.

Strategy One: Create a Mobile-Friendly Site

Too many companies need to rewire their mobile website. Fortunately, Google has completed a good bit of work in April 2015. Their goal: Encourage websites to uphold mobile-friendly versions with little difficulty. While their influence has existed, it’s been slow to catch on.


In 2016, however, companies are finally expected to hone their mobile websites. Don’t fall back; streamline your mobile website before you’re behind the competition.

Strategy Two: Prepare for In-App Advertising

By 2019, mobile advertising is expected to represent 72 percent of all United States digital ad spend. That said, the world of mobile advertising won’t prosper in mobile web browsers. Providers like Apple are cracking down on Internet-based mobile ads. They are, however, provoking a shift to in-app advertisement. In 2016, we’ll witness the dawn of app-centric advertising platforms.

If  you look at the chart below by Smart Insights, you’ll see that mobile marketers have a $25 billion opportunity:


Strategy Three: Prioritize Visual Content


Search Engine Optimization has always been a game-changer for marketers. Visual content, when prioritized, shifts consumer attention in unprecedented ways. In 2016, SEO will give way to rich visuals. Infographics, pictures and videos are incredibly engaging, and they’re expected to work alongside SEO to make searches more relevant. A recent Forrester study states video is worth approximately 1.8 million words. It’s certainly on the rise, too, both online and across SMS campaigns.

Strategy Four: Get Personal


In the past, marketers hungered for a chance to create customer relationships. Now, one-on-one interaction is expected. The Direct Marketing Association has revealed that 76 percent of consumers will give a brand personal information if it will improve their interaction and experience. If your marketing campaign can collect key data from buyers in 2016, it’ll be well ahead of the business curve.

Strategy Five: Develop a Strategy Around Data Sharing


Modern consumers are ready to share personal information as long as the business has established trust. Over 75% of people are willing to share their personal data with brands they already trust. Amazon is an example of a company that build their entire brand through trust instead of advertising. They established trust by offering superior customer service, reliability, and the use of customer’s personal data to better serve it’s customers.

Strategy Six: Prepare for Mobile Payments


Android, Samsung and Apple have already launched mobile wallets. When big mobile tech players lead innovative charges, changes happen. Mobile payment use is expected to grow rapidly in 2016. While it won’t catch on completely, it’ll catch on enough to persuade consumers to prefer providers able to procure it. Be on the lookout for mobile wallet strategies, and make sure your business at least offers a mobile pay option before 2017 strikes.

Strategy Seven: Implement a Mobile Coupon Strategy

Marketing consulting firm executive Peter Conti states advertisers experience twice the amount of mobile coupon redemptions as paper-based coupons. Companies are doing away with old-fashioned paper offers. Mobile marketing automation platforms have made electronic delivery the way to go. Moreover, they’ve made it possible to secure large audiences while remaining relevant on a person-to-person basis. The time of custom-tailored advertising is here.


Mobile coupons, when paired with a well-rounded mass text campaign, both increase a company’s ROI and consumer retention. Buyers feeling like they’ve stumbled upon great offers are likely to stick around. Moreover, they’re likely to spread brand awareness. 2016 will be the year of mobile brand connectivity, and consumers are expected to promote the world’s newest business offers, both through SMS activity and social media connectivity.

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