Remember “Clean Slate” in Dark Knight Rises – Services to Vanish from Internet

Services to Vanish from Internet – Remember the “Clean Slate” program in Dark Knight Rises that helps Catwoman to delete her identity from the world. Now if you are having some issues with your profile on Internet World or if your account is being used for abusive purpose, you would try to delete those accounts but how. There are Internet Services present that helps you erase your identity from the internet world. Before you use any of the following service to get vanish from Online World, I want to clear that it is almost impossible to do it 100% but you can reduce your presence from internet. The following services lets you easily find delete or deactivate link of the website you want your account to get deleted.

Best Services to vanish from Internet

Best Services to Vanish from Internet World

1. Just Delete Me

Just Delete Me

Just Delete Me is the directory that provides direct links to delete your account from web services. The service provides very simple search box that helps you enter the web service and it will show you the service with difficulty level to erase your account. Just as you can see in the screenshot below i have searched for “Facebook” and it shows level “Medium”. Now just click on Facebook link to delete your Account.

2. AccountKiller


AccountKiller is one more web service that lets you delete your account from major social networking sites. You can install the Toolbar provide by AccountKiller that will check the website and lets you know the details. The site provide two types of List BlackList and WhiteList, and some of the major popular websites that are included in AccountKiller are Skype, Facebook, Windows Live, Hotmail / Live, Twitter, MSN / Messenger and Google.

Should you Use Services to Vanish from Internet

The above listed two web services helps you find out the delete link of the social media site. You can navigate and delete your account if you want. But should you do it? The answer is simple, it depends on the person since you are owner of your account and if you feel like someone is using account for wrong purpose or posting abusive content on your account just delete it.

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