SEO strategies for law firms – How can they prove to be helpful for you?

When it comes to law firms, they invest heavily in online marketing. It is quite difficult to promote yourself in today’s digital world without staying in touch with the internet world. As per the studies, it has been found that around 96% of people prefer to make use of search engines when it comes to seeking legal advice. Again, 74% of people prefer to visit the website of a law firm before taking any action. So, for law firms, it is essential that they invest in sites and SEO services. In fact, this is one of the primary reasons which have made this arena highly competitive in the SEO world.

In this post, we are going to share some small tweaks that can help you to increase your ranking. At the same time, learning these tweaks will help you to evade the bad proposals provided by SEO agencies. Without further ado, let’s start with the lawyer SEO strategies.

The various types of search results on Google

The search results on Google keeps on changing, and presently there are around 19 search result types available on Google that dominate the top spots. It is also the same when it comes to legal space. When you search for attorneys in your region, you will be amazed to see the types of results, which will include the following:

  • Organic results – blue link
  • Paid ads – 3 at the bottom and four at the top
  • Local results – “maps” pack

Now you can understand that when the question of organic results arises, more than half are the aggregator sites, only around 25% available are organic results.

The competition is quite fierce for those spots, and you need to think in a realistic way about your campaign and then adjust the strategies accordingly.

In the case of competitive spaces, one has to be quite realistic about his goals. It is true that the competition is getting stronger with every passing day and so it is essential to keep your mind open to capture the organic traffic. How to find the right keywords is a general factor for SEO, and I am pretty sure that you have read a lot on this subject. Instead, I would like to define keyword mapping, which is an essential process for your website ranking. This process includes optimizing pages and is entirely based on keyboard intent.

What is the Funnel model?

Here, we are going to learn about the Funnel model, which can be compared to the ‘V’ present in the alphabetical list. The Funnel model is segregated into three parts namely, Attention, Discover, and Money.

Now let’s understand the following:

  • What are money keywords?

Intent: searching for the services provided by you

  • What are attention keywords?

Intent: searching for details on the cases

  • What are Discover keywords?

Intent: searching for information related to your services

What should be your main keyword goal?

Your main goal should be to rank your Money related keywords. But speaking practically, we always want to dominate as well as a rank for everything. Well, this Funnel method will help you to triple your organic exposure as well as get the traffic in a much faster way than you could even imagine.

How your website interface should be?

It is quite essential for user experience and ranking to develop an easy to access the website. It means navigation, grouping content, and URL structure should be into organized buckets. Although it might sound easy, in reality, it’s quite complicated and depends completely on the law firm. From the perspective of a website, typically there are three kinds of law firms.

  • Multiple locations
  • Single service
  • Multiple services

Creating content is widely appreciated by search engines

Your SEO success hinges to a large extent on your ability to distribute and create contents. There is a common saying that “Content is the King.” Well, of course, contents can severe as the backbone of your online business, but that doesn’t mean that you can add just anything you want. It is essential that the blogs or articles you develop should be related and holds some value. There are a number of websites that launch blogs with search content materials that add simply no value at all. In fact, they can even drive potential clients away.

Generating high-powered links 

There was a time when one could easily rank his site with a single click of a button. It was literally that easy in those days. But today, although links stand as the number one ranking factor, the usage has become far more difficult that one could even imagine. When it comes to popular search engines like Google, they will rank web pages with trust and authority. From the competitive verticals, trustworthy and authoritative sites don’t have only a single kind of link, pointing to a single page. Some of the common linking includes:

  • Links buying to the money pages
  • White hat linking
  • Internal money pages links
  • Forum and social media links for blog contents
  • Links outreaching the blog contents

This is practically a very long process and consumes a lot of time, efforts, and resources. But if done effectively and efficiently, it can definitely pay off in the long run.

Do you need to hire an SEO company for all these services?

Do you need SEO experts for performing all the actions I have discussed above? Well, of course, you have to hire a professional expert because otherwise, it will never be possible. Instead, it should be stated that you need to hire an SEO firm or a service provider who has his team setup. It is never possible to cover all the aspects of SEO single-handedly, so, multiple brains are needed to come up with a successful SEO campaign. 

We have covered up a few points in this post. If you wish to learn more about investing in SEO and website for your law firm, do keep reading our upcoming blogs.

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