SEO Analyzer from Bing Webmasters allows to analyze On Page SEO of Blog Post

SEO Analyzer from Bing Webmasters – Hello Bloggers from all over the world, Today i have come up with very Cool post to analyze on Page SEO of your Blog Post. Blogging is emerging as one of the best career option and if you have read my post in which i have ask a question “Blogging as Career in India is Cool or Frustrated Job” you should have come to know the importance of on Page SEO for success in Blogging. There are lot of tools and WordPress plugins that can help you meet maximum SEO score by optimizing your Blog Post. Out of all the WordPress plugins, SEOPressor is the best to do on Page SEO(Read Also: Free Alternative of SEOPressor WordPress Plugin). In this article i will tell you how to use SEO Analyzer from Webmasters to analyze your Blog Post on Page SEO.

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SEO Analyzer from Bing Webmasters - Review

SEO Analyzer from Bing Webmasters – How to use it

SEO Analyzer From Bing Webmasters is a free tool which is used to discover areas of your site which may need work to follow SEO best practices. In the following guide i will tell how to use this tool to analyze on Page SEO of Blog Post.

First you need to submit your Blog to Bing Webmasters and verify your account by uploading a file or by placing meta tag in Head section of your Blog. You will get more information about this when you start submitting your Blog to Bing. The process is same as submitting a website and site map to Google Webmaster. After you verified yourself as the rightful owner of your blog, visit  SEO Analyzer from Bing Webmasters to start analyzing on Page SEO of any Blog Post. You can also find the tool from Bing Webmasters Dashboard, See the image below to find SEO Analyzer tool

SEO Analyzer from Bing Webmasters

Click Submit to start analyzing On Page SEO of the URL submitted to Bing Webmasters SEO Analyzer tool. In the screenshot below, you can see i have submitted “” to analyse the problems associated with my Home Page SEO. After analysis is complete, SEO suggestions will be shown on left side of the window

analyze On Page SEO

It is clear from above image that there is issue with Image Alt tag on my Blog Home Page. But how to know which image is not SEO Optimized. Bing has done tremendous work in finding out exact resources causing problems in your Blog On Page SEO. Once you see the SEO Suggestions click on “Page Source” and you will see entire HTML code of your page. See image below where you can see certain part of the code is highlighted with yellow color. These portions are the one that are hurting your Blog On Page SEO. 

On Page SEO - Errors

Now once you came to know what is the problem correct it and get Good Ranking in Search Engine. If you like the post “SEO Analyzer from Bing Webmasters to correct on Page SEO” share with your Blogger Friends and comment below to let us your view on this. 

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