Sending Self Destructible Message with Google Docs

How to Send Self Destructible Message with Google Docs – It happens a lot of time when you want to send confidential message/note which should not be revealed to unauthorized person i.e. the message should be self destructible. You can easily remember such things happening in movies like Mission Impossible and one would wonder that whether it is possible in our world also – answer is Yes it is possible to send self destructible messages with the help of Google Docs.

Apps that provide assistance in sending Self Destructible Messages

In both the above apps you have to type the message in Text Box and the application generates a secure link which you can share with other communication party and once the message has been read it will destroy the message automatically.

Dashlane Courier helps in sending data securely from one communication party to another. In this the data is secured with the help of AES – 256 and when opened by the recipient; after viewing, the encrypted data is deleted from the server.

Self Destructible Message with Google Docs

Self Destructible Message with Google Docs

Other Apps and email services that can offer this unique and very important services are, Meltmail.

How to Create and Send Self Destructible Message with Google Docs

Follow the steps listed below to send self destructible message from Google Docs

  1. Log in to your Google Docs account and create new spreadsheet.
  2. Type any message you want to send.
Self Destructible Message with Google Docs

Self Destructible Message with Google Docs

Now go to Tools and Open Script editor to add the script code.
Script Editor in Google Docs

Script Editor in Google Docs

Copy Paste the following Script Code and save the script

function onOpen() { 

 var time = 5; // Wait Time (in seconds) 

 var ss = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSpreadsheet(); 

 ss.toast(“This message will disappear after ” + time + ” seconds”); 


 ss.toast(“We are now sending this private note to the shredder”); 


   .getRange(1, 1, ss.getLastRow(), ss.getLastColumn()).clear(); 


Note: You can change the time for which message will be active by changing the value in var time variable

Share the Spreadsheet created and please confirm that “change edit” option is enabled for the recipient you are sending message.

Google Docs Owner Permission

Google Docs Owner Permission

Now when user will open the link there will be a message in right corner of the screen displaying that message will get deleted after 5 seconds.

Destructible Message in mail

Deletion of the private message

Please share if you know some other methods of sending Self Destructible Messages.

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