Sending Batch reply in Gmail – Responding with same reply to multiple clients

How to Send Batch Reply in Gmail – If you received lot of bulk emails for which you want to send same reply, such as Diwali, Holi, Christmas and other festivals. During celebration season people sends greeting emails, wish mails to all the contacts in their email list, and for all those email normal reply would be “Thanks for the wishes”, well I used this reply. So if I have to open each mail and reply to everyone separately then it will become a cumbersome task and irritating one. But as this is not perfect scenario to avoid such situation, I found out very cool chrome extension which can be used to send Batch Reply in Gmail with same response message to Multiple Clients.

How to Send Batch Reply in Gmail 

Install this extension and you can now easily send batch reply to multiple clients.


Please share other tricks and extensions if you know any to send Batch Reply in Gmail to send same response to Multiple Clients

Batch Reply for Gmail

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