Secure Cloud Backup and Restoration With Right Backup Anywhere APP

Data is worth than any other treasure! And so it should be protected with tight-knit security. Don’t you agree with that?

However, many of the means to protect data seems vulnerable to the strongest of viruses emerging nowadays. So what’s the rescue? Cloud storage is the armor for you.

Cloud storage is essentially a server based storage space where you can store all your data. File transmission to cloud is done via backup apps and there are plenty available out there. Now the question arises which one choose? With our recommendation, you can rely on Right Backup app.

The right app- Right Backup


Right Backup is an intuitive app, which helps you save all your data on cloud storage. It’s a nifty app to backup and restore data. The app supports various files types name pictures, music, videos, documents, contacts and customized selection for a few more files. The app is handy and easy-to-use with an impressive interface.


Steps over Right Backup

Right Backup- the online cloud storage service, is used with a few simple steps. Here they go:

  • Install and launch the app.
  • Sign in to the cloud account.


  • Select the file from the file type.


  • Tap on ‘Start Backup’


  • The app will begin with online cloud storage.

Exclusive Features of Right Backup- The best backup app

  • Favorites: You can favorite any file when you have backed it up on cloud with this feature. This will help you find that file in a jiffy. This will also the file available for you when you are offline. Long press on a file in order to put in favorites.
  • Settings: Settings will provide you many customization options for backup when battery is low and favorites and downloaded files. You can set any percentage of battery when you don’t want Right Backup to perform backup task.
  • Network: You can select the type of network, say Wi-Fi only and Wi-Fi or Data Plan, with which you wish to backup files. This will help you have control over file transmission via network.
  • Web Control Panel: Right Backup is available for iOS, Windows & Mac other than for Android. A user can have multiple accounts from different devices. And these can be maintained well with Web Control Panel.

You need to tap on this feature. It will then direct you to the web page of the app. From there you can sign in to any of your accounts and operate it anytime, from anywhere.

  • Backup & Restore: With Backup being its primarily task, Right Backup will also let you restore your data in a tap. Hence it’s a backup and restore data task with Right Backup.


For us, Right Backup came up as the best backup app for online cloud storage. It is a safe and secure means to back and restore data on cloud. The app is handy and guideless, and gives 100 MB memory for free. After you have uploaded data for this much space, you will be asked to purchase the key for further uploading. Pay for a reliable app is worth than losing any data. The app is also compatible with Windows, Mac and iOS operating systems.


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