Samsung’s Domestic Antagonism: Samsung Grand Duos vs. Galaxy S III

Samsung is the prominent one amongst the crafters of state-of-the-art mobile phones of this era. The progress of science and technology has paved Samsung’s way towards praiseworthy innovations. No doubt, the brand has experimented with its own broods time and again and has proved its latent talent over and over again. The two impressive additions to its Galaxy series, Grand Duos and S III reflect the same charisma of their mother brand. Both of the handsets are considered as the stunners of the smartphone world. The foremost difference between these two is their price tags. S III is priced more pocket friendly while the other one will make you shell a few many bucks more. Let’s find out the other physical dissimilarities in between them to choose the worthiest one at the end of the day.

Samsung Grand Duos vs. Galaxy S III

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The Buttery-Smooth Platform

Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos ships with Android Jelly Bean v4.1.2 operating system that makes every task as simple and smooth as you expect from this Android’s latest delight. Bulky apps, giant games and multitasking won’t face any trouble while running on this competent operating platform.

S III comes skinned with Android v4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) which is also very much compatible to handle a hell lot of tasks at a same time. But still, it is not that much accelerated what Jelly Bean actually is. Besides, operating the most recent system brings a trendy attitude which cannot be acquired with ICS. 

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Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos I9082

Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos I9082

The Ergonomic Touch

Both of these Samsung models are shaped in bar formation. With the dimension of 70.6×136.6 x8.6 mm, S III looks thinner and sleeker than the grand duos which boasts the chassis measurement of 76.8×143.5×9.6 mm. Also, S III weighs 133 g i.e less than the weight of duos- 161 g. Naturally, Grand duos loses full marks for sporting slightly heavy chassis.

What’s ‘in’?

Performance-wise, both house a strong nucleus inside to support any and every kind of activity. 1400 Mhz Quad-Core nourishes S III from within whereas 1200 Mhz Dual-Core fuels duos energy up. Of course, the more powerful one wins because it makes the entire device perform like a beast!

Surprisingly, they differ in giving battery support despite of accommodating the same stamina battery of 2100 mAh Li-Ion. S III can run properly up to 11.7 hours of talking and 790 hours in standby mode. Practically speaking, this handset is literally smart as it needs fewer times to charge the battery. On the other hand, duos gives 10 hours and 440 hours long talk time and standby mode support respectively. Now, you know what’s more appealing?

Coming down to the memory lane, 8 GB internal memory capacity is integrated with duos, of which only 4 GB is available for users. But S III lets you treasure content up to 16 GB internally. Now, simply enjoy multitasking and can hoard up a great many number of media content to keep you entertained even on the go.

Fore-front Poise

If you are a real fan and adorer of big screens, then Grand duos is just meant to gratify you with its dazzling grand display size of 5 inches whilst S III offers 4.8 inches display. As an effect, you will get pleasure from reading texts, messaging, browsing web pages and watching your hot favorite movies right on the grand duos fore-front. Duos delivers screen resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels with 306 PPI where S III renders 480 x 800 pixels screen resolution with 187 PPI. Moreover, its forefront is of Super AMOLED and duos sports TFT LCD screen. Of course, S III promises far vivid images than duos. With Gorilla Glass 2 protection you can flaunt your S III anytime anywhere. So, if you can manage with the screen size, then there’s nothing that can beat the crisp and clear picture quality of S III.

Samsung I9300 Galaxy S III

Persistent Connectivity

2 slots are provided within duos to carry dual SIM to keep you connected with your professional and personal world 24×7. Now, you can just use two different sims all at once. And thus you will switch all your contacts on two network services without any need of carrying two different phones. But S III is incapable to bring you such dual sim carriage facility. So, indeed grand duos gets the crown of the winner. However S III comes packed with NFC technology to offer quick responses to each of your prod. And yes, you cannot take pleasure in this facility if you buy grand duos.

There’s a lot of dissimilarity in between the Galaxy grand duos and Samsung Galaxy S III. Grand duos can be a sweet pick without splurging on whereas the S III is capable of doing wonders along with giving full value for your hard earned money. It all depends upon your preferences. The more you wish to bag, the more the S III gives you. And if you can be satisfied with little joys, then grand duos comes all in your way.

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