Roomba 960 vs. Neato d5

In today’s world anthropomorphizing robot vacuum cleaners are not hard. They live in our houses some work by zipping back and forth; others are loud, others quiet it is just a world of vacuum cleaners. Today we will battle up Roomba 960 and Neato Botvac D5. Life can be excellent when you have to choose between two of the best vacuum cleaners that supports WIFI connectivity in the market today. These two devices are unique and best in their ways but which one is better? Read on to find out.

Neato Botvac D5

The following features characterize this vacuum cleaner.

•  Navigation and mapping

Neato D5 has a well-established navigation system and mapping. It has laser-smart technology which navigates using lasers as it moves from one room to the next. It follows the linear cleaning pattern as it runs on the carpet and hardwood floors. Besides, it has Botvision technology which uses simultaneous mapping and localization.

This technology can be equated to that that you find in googles autonomous car. But vision scans the room which draws accurate maps of the area that should be cleaned for better performance. This ensures your floor is thoroughly cleaned in sales time.

•  High-performance filter

It has an ultra-performance filter which traps the smallest debris. This is even enhanced with the availability of a larger dustbin.

•  Additional side brush

Neato D5 uses a side brush that cleans baseboards, corners, and the wall edges.

•  New combo brush

It has a combo brush that is powerful enough to pick pet hair in the carpet. It is easy to maintain, and it can clean your floor quickly and correctly.

•  Unique D-shape

Neato D5 is known for its D-shape which allows it to navigate and clean the floor edges and corners thus leaving these areas sparkling clean.

•  Boundary markers

These boundaries markers enable it to be restricted from areas that you would not like to be cleaned especially those areas where your furry friends eat and stay.

•  Automatic charging and auto resume

It has a high capacity lithium-ion battery which can run for two hours hence cleaning a larger floor area.

•  Neato app

This app is essential in scheduling cleaning which can be done even when you are away from home. This app also allows you to access-find-me a feature which helps you to locate where it is. You can also access additional apps on apple watch.

What is the box

•  Filter and brush cleaning tool

•  Boundary markers

•  Ultra performance filter

•  Power cord with charging base

Roomba 960

Irobot Roomba has been the most favored vacuum cleaner in the market for a long time. Although the brand has quite a number of models of high efficacy (compare Roomba 890, 960 and 980), we picked Roomba 960 for the battle. It is because of that the Roomba 960 is among the only two Roomba series with a mobile app. Let us look at some of its features:

•  Smart navigation

It uses iAdapt 2.0 navigation as it cleans the house. This technology has several optical and acoustic sensors which enable it to avoid obstacles and to detect dirt. Roomba 960 can accurately map of the floor plans with the help of a built-in camera which uses visual simultaneous localization and mapping.

•  Wifi control

You can connect Roomba 960 to the iRobot home asp using wifi connectivity. This is where you activate cleaning modes and set up schedules even when you are away from your home.

•  Multistage cleaning

It has a three-stage multistage cleaning that comprises of spinning side brush, debris extractors, and strong suction. It incorporates aeroforce vacuuming technology which makes it better than other series models.

•  HEPA filtration

This type of filtration allows trapping of antigens that could be problematic to asthmatic people. Thus, It can trap the smallest dust particles.

•  Entire level cleaning

Roomba 960 has an ability for automatic recharging which guarantees a more extended cleaning has a large dustbin which it notifies you when it is full.

Roomba 960 vs. Neato D5

To determine which one is better is a toss-up. Let us comparatively determine which one is better.

•  Price

Neato D5 is 100$ cheaper than the Roomba 960. So if you are running on a tight budget, you know where to spend your money.

•  Mobile app

Roomba 960 uses the home app whereas neato D5 uses the neato app.

•  Form factor

Neato D5 is D –shaped which allows it to clean the edges and corners whereas Roomba 960 is round in shape.

•  Navigation technology and mapping

Neato D5 uses laser smart whereas on the other hand Roomba 960 uses iAdapt 2.0

•  Simultaneous localization and mapping

Neato D5 uses SLAM whereas Roomba 960 uses vSLAM.

•  Main brush

Neato D5 uses combo brushes, and Roomba 960 uses debris extractor.

•  Filter type

Neato D5 uses ultra performance filter, and on the other hand, Roomba 960 uses a HEPA filter.

•  Boundary Marker

Neato D5 has a boundary marker whereas Roomba 960 dual-mode virtual wall barrier.

•  Battery

Neato D5 has a high capacity lithium-ion, and on the other hand, Roomba 960 uses lithium ion.

Final verdict

The final verdict on which is better between Neato D5 and Roomba 960 is that both allows cleaning of your hose even if you are far from home. However, for carpeted floors, it would be much better to go for Neato D5 because it has carpet boost which provides more suction to pick up trapped debris in the carpets. Additionally, it is cost effective which makes it better than Roomba 960.

However, don’t underestimate Roomba 960 because it is very efficient in cleaning a large area in a shorter time.

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