RocketVPN – Android App to provide Complete Internet Freedom

Surfing on Internet, Downloading Movies, Music or Posting your Photo on Social Media, sounds very cool but there is also a danger of Government, Hackers monitoring our activity. To prevent your Privacy, you can use VPN Services. There are lot of Free VPN Apps available, but one of the Best VPN Android App is Rocket VPN. In this post I am going to review the RocketVPN – Internet Freedom Android App.


RocketVPN – Internet Freedom

Why to choose RocketVPN App to protect your privacy, when we have thousands of other Apps available. The answer is you have to use it so believe it. The App is so simple and efficient to use that after using it for 5 min will let you make it a permanent App in your Smartphone and Tablets. RocketVPN App from Liquidum brings all the features of VPN without any complexities.

Setting up RocketVPN Android App is very simple, just Download the App from Google Play Store and start using it. Once you open the App after installation, you will see a very simple User Interface as shown below:


As you can clearly see in the image above, the app shows list of available servers to connect with. Just select any one of the server and click connect.


That’s it and you are good to protect your privacy from prying eyes.

Features of RocketVPN Android App

  • Access Restricted Content: Rocket VPN allows you to view content from Geographical Restricted Area. For example, if you are from India and wanted to access Content from USA which is blocked in India, you can choose a server from USA and access the content without any issues.
  • Encrypted Data: Whenever you make any request on internet, the data travels in plain text form which is not suitable as the Hacker can view your information en route. To prevent this best practice is to encrypt the data and Rocket VPN helps in Data Encryption that adds a layer of security and privacy especially in Public WiFi.
  • No Sharing: The best feature of Rocket VPN is that unlike other VPN Apps, it doesn’t share your connection details with other users.
  • Free MBs: For first time users you will get Free 250MB Data Usage when you install Rocket VPN to watch videos, stream music or surf securely.


After using Rocket VPN, I must say that it is one of the best VPN Android App. The App is affordable, reliable and fast. It comes with simple user interface and all the features that you need to access the internet anonymously.

Download Rocket VPN – Internet Freedom Android App

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