Revolutionizing Mobile Delivery: The MobileStore

In today’s day and age, time is the most precious entity. Given the break-neck speed of urban life, everything revolves around time management. From individuals to large firms, everybody rightfully invests considerable resources in trying to do more in less time.

Before the Information Age dawned, potential consumers had to go to brick-and-mortar shops to choose, compare, check availability and buy the right product. Ever since the internet brought in the phenomenon of e-retail or online shopping, all these actions have become digitized. E-retail not only revolutionized consumer behavior, but it also made retailers look at things differently

One of the challenges faced by online retailers is satisfying people’s expectations in terms of delivery time. After buying products online, people expect to receive the physical product as soon as possible. Since the early days of e-commerce in India, many methods have been tried to reduce delivery time. Many retailers offer delivery within 24 hours of order placement. However, multiple challenges still stand in the way of a flawless online shopping experience for the end user.


There are a few companies in India that have been able to handle the delivery time issue efficiently. One company has managed to bring the waiting period down to almost real-time. Along with being India’s largest mobile solutions chain, The MobileStore is also the fastest in delivering products people buy from their website. Delivering mobile phones within four hours after they have been ordered makes The MobileStore a hot favorite for those who buy cell phones online.

Giants in the Indian e-commerce sector had started giving smaller businesses like The MobileStore a run for their money. Determined to win their business back from the bigger e-commerce companies, the team at The MobileStore devised a new model of express delivery. The new prototype has once again changed the fundamental dynamics of online shopping. The company is taking same-day delivery to an all new level by aiming to deliver products within four working hours of receiving orders. Unlike most other express delivery services from other e-commerce companies, this service is absolutely free.

The 4 Hours Express delivery is a first in the mobile phone retailing sector. The company has worked tirelessly to optimize its logistical framework and facilitate the rapid delivery of the products it sells.


The service is also very easy to use. Buyers only have to enter their area PIN code into the website’s input form, and the website will determine whether the service is available in the mentioned area. There are two ways to get the ordered product after this: one can either have it delivered to a specified address or pick it up from The MobileStore’s nearest retail outlet. The MobileStore currently has over 700 outlets across 150 cities; covering virtually every major city in every state across India. Customers derive two benefits from the Express Delivery option. They get the best of both worlds: competitive pricing of online stores and immediate delivery offered by retail outlets.

This approach by the company is sure to make some serious waves in the e-commerce industry. The MobileStore has pioneered a system that is set to revolutionize mobile buying across India. This service is already available on The MobileStore’s website.

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