Review of Tuneskit DRM Audio Converter for Windows

TunesKit DRM Audio Converter is one the most popular and comprehensive iTunes DRM Audio converter for Windows that is best suited for all the DRM Audio Solutions. The main purpose of the software is to crack the DRM encryption from all the protected audio files. Best thing of the software is that it can be used to crack the DRM protection from Apple Music Tracks, iTunes MP4 songs, M4A, AAX and others. Most of the users face problem in playing DRM protected media on other devices, but now with this tool it is very easy to convert the DRM-locked audio files to other supported format. In this post I am going to post about the DRM Media Converter.

Tuneskit DRM Audio Converter - 1

Features of TunesKit DRM Audio Converter for Windows: 

The software comes with lots of exciting features as follows

  • Customize Audio Settings – With the use of this software, users can set output parameters for audio according to their requirement. Following parameters can set – codec, bit rate, channel, sample rate, volume, pitch, etc.
  • Splitting of Big Audio File – If there is very big Audio File, then with DRM Audio Converter you can easily split it into multiple small files for easy processing.
  • Conversion of all Non-DRM and Common Audio Files to Other Formats – With this software, you can easily convert common and popular audio files without DRM protection such as MP3, WMA, WAV etc to other formats in high quality.
  • One Stop DRM Audio Tool – The software is helpful in providing one stop solution to all the DRM protected audio files. With the tool, users can easily remove the DRM audio protection and convert the files to play on other devices. 

Working of Tuneskit DRM Audio Converter for Windows: 

First you need to download the software from this link. After that you need to load the Apple Music or other DRM-ed Audio files so that you will see a screen like this:

Next Step is to select the output format of the audio files. There are various formats to choose from such as Mp3, M4A, AAC, FLAC and many more. You can also select the Sample Rate, Bit Rate at this stage. See the screenshot below for more details:

After that just click on “Convert” button to start the conversion of DRM-ed Audios to DRM-free formats. Once the conversion is started you will see a screen like below.

You can also cancel the progress at any time by clicking the “Cancel” button. That’s it and you can see that it is so simple to convert or remove the DRM protection from audio files.

Video Tutorial of TunesKit DRM Audio Converter for Windows

Conclusion: After reviewing the software, I can say with complete satisfaction that it is one of the best and easiest software for all the DRM audio solutions. Conversion of any audio track to any other supported format is as easy as you can want. And most important part is the removal of DRM protection from Apple Audio files.

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