Review of Portable Troubleshooting Toolkit – Helge’s Switchblade

Well there are many times it happens that you are asked by family member, friend, some special person in your life for PC help. And most of the times you do not know what sort of problem you are getting into. To leave a good impression and help the person it is always better to come prepared, like DVD or USB that includes all the utility software, windows updates for various operating system versions and collection of tools for the troubleshooting and issue resolving purpose. 

Is there any Software which can do all the functions?

Yes, there is one such tool named as Helge’s Switchblade which will help you in PC repair and troubleshooting in a big way. Although it may not have the biggest tool collection for the requirement, but with a size of nearly 220 MB, it comes with great and most important needy tools and option to troubleshoot problems in your PC or Laptop. 

What does Helge’s Switchblade says?

Is a portable USB utility made for helping end-users, administrators and IT professionals maintain, clean and optimize their computers“[Ref :]. According to the website referred above this utility has already been downloaded over 3000 times and it is free of cost so you can give it a try without worrying about the cost. 

Features of Helge’s Switchblade

There is a list of features given on the website of Helge’s Switchblade and we have presented them in more detailed way so that you can easily understand the usefulness of each feature. 

  • Windows Log Grabber – Log plays very important role in debugging and troubleshooting. Log files records each and every activity and during troubleshooting log file can easily help you in identifying the root cause of the problem.
  • RAM & IP Info Viewer – These are very important information as some programs needs specific amount of RAM memory and by getting information about that you can easily make the decision whether to install that program or not.
  • Ipconfig Tools – These tools are useful in setting internet IP address and during troubleshooting it helps in booting your system over network.
  • Driver Backup Tool – Updating your driver can cause some problems so it is always recommended to make backup of your existing drivers before going for updating. This utility helps in this particular regard.
  • Uninstaller – It helps in uninstalling programs that are causing problems.
  • Software Updater (SUMo) – It is always beneficial to use the updated versions of every software on your system and using Helge’s Switchblade tool you can do it in one click. 

Some of the utility given in Helge’s Switchblade

  • CCleaner
  • 7Zip
  • Google Chrome
  • Apache Web Server
  • Media Player
  • FileZilla
  • Notepad++
  • UltraDefrag and others 

The program displays all options in a simple launcher-like application. Here you find portable apps and install tools on top, and below that a selection of commands and options to diagnose and repair problems.

Helge's Switchblade


Helge’s Switchblade makes PC repair and troubleshooting work a lot easier with availability of great amount of serious tools. Well it contains almost all the needed tools during PC troubleshooting but it lacks some utility like Tracert, Disk portioning tool etc. but at no cost and only 220 MB it is worth giving a try.

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