Review of Hexlock App Lock & Photo Vault Android App

Interestingly, we have increased the use of Smartphones and tablets in all aspects of your daily live work. Whether we are at home or at office, Smartphones have become a necessity that can’t be ignore. While the technology had made it possible that a single device can be used for all our needs, but it also comes with a great risk of exposing of our personal details to the entire world. To protect our sensitive information, there are lots of Apps on Google Play Store. In this article I am going to share the information about Hexlock App from Liquidum.

Features of Hexlock App Lock & Photo Vault

The App comes with lots of inbuilt security features which make life of Hackers and Malicious Users more difficult to get information from your device. Below are some of the features that should be known to a user before installing the App:


  • Media Vault: The feature helps you hide important pictures and videos in your device Gallery. As an authorized user you can only unlock the content. To provide authorization, the App asks for a PIN or Pattern immediately after you install it and open for the first time.
  • Parental Control: There is all types of information available on internet, including Adult Content etc. As a Parent it is very difficult to keep kids away from Smartphones and it brings a danger of exposing them to obscene content. The solution is simple as Hexlock App comes with Parental Control that helps you give the device to your kids without worrying about the danger of exposing unsuitable content. The features also prevents kids from deleting important folder and files from the device.
  • Shared Devices: Just like Multiuser Computer, now a days the concept of Multiuser Smartphones is increasing. The App also features a Shared Devices mode that helps you create separate profiles for each user.
  • Social Network Protection: Social Media is the most used feature of Smartphone or Tablet. Every time I lend my phone to my friend, I feel worried whether my friend will check my Social Media Account or read my chat etc. The solution is to install Hexlock App and now I can simply lend my phone to anyone without concerning that he will check my Facebook to WhatsApp account.
  • Prevention from Hackers: Virus or Hackers always try to first uninstall the security App before launching attack. Hexlock App comes with inbuilt security layer that prevents the App from being uninstalled from any other user.
  • App Locker: After testing the App I found it very easy to open the Apps that are unlocked and use simple pattern I set for Locked Apps.


Hexlock App is an ultimate solution for the security concerns for your Smartphones and Tablets. I found the App very easy to use and there is not much Battery Drainage either.

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