Review of EBYLINE PAYMENTS WordPress Plugin

Running a Successful Blog need more than just self contribution to the Blog. You have to get articles from different people who are expert in their respective fields. There are lots of contributors willing to write for money but paying for them always seems very difficult. As you need to keep up different types of paying account for different contributors. But Ebyline Payments WordPress plugin allows editors to create and manage payments to blog contributors easily and safely, all within the WordPress Admin. In this article I will post a review about the Ebyline Payments WordPress plugin.

ebyline payments wordpress plugin review

What is Ebyline

Ebyline is an online platform that connects companies with experienced professionals. You can register yourself with ebyline as Freelancer and can publish high quality contents for publishers for good money. To get more details about How Ebyline Works follow the link.

Review of Ebyline Payments WordPress Plugin

Ebyline Payment WordPress Plugin is one of the most simplest payment plugin I have found till date. You just need to install it on your WordPress Blog and once the article submitted by Contributor is approved by you, pay the amount.

Install and Download the plugin ebyline payments

After the plugin is installed, navigate to the posts published by you and there you can see “status” field and button associated with each post with labels – “Pay Now” and “Edit Fee“.


Suppose you have agreed on 30$ for an article, click on the Edit Fee button next to the article and set fee as shown in the figure below and Click on Save.


Once the article is approved and published, all you need to do is click on Pay Now button. After you clicked the button, you will see the ebyline account page. Enter your credentials and you will see new page displaying “Please confirm Payment“.



If all details are ok click on “Pay Now” button and that’s it author is paid with the amount. Isn’t it easy and simple to pay your contributors. 




 The plugin is very simple and easy to use. All you need is verified Ebyline account where you can find freelancers and experienced professionals to write for your Blog. Find writers and get high quality content written by them without worrying about maintaining payment record. All payment related work will be handled automatically by Ebyline Payments WordPress plugin.

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