Review : Comindware Project Management – Project Tracking Software

Project Management is not an easy task and requires a lot of time and skill to carry out. If you are working in large organization and managing more than one project at a time, then a software like Comindware helps you a lot. In modern world, Companies are more focus on devoting time on getting the work done than managing how the work should be done.  Project Management tools also helps in tracking the error mistakes in your work and helps in rectifying them without causing negative effects on current work. In this post I am going to review Comindware Project Management one of the best Project Tracking Software that can help in saving time by fully automated priority based planning.

Comindware Project Management

What is Comindware

Comindware Project Management is a software or you can say complete solution to handle management needs related to projects. The software is build on Comindware Team Network framework that provides fully automated project planning and resource allocation. The best thing about Comindware Project Management software is the reporting feature that acts like a Data Mining solution and helps in improving efficiency of project work. The software is easily available on the following platforms:

  • Android and iOS Mobile OS Platforms
  • Can be easily integrated with MS Outlook
  • Cloud Solution

Features of Comindware Project Management Software

  1. Easy to create complete Project structure with Comindware WBS(Work Breakdown Structure) Chart.
  2. Priority based planning
  3. Facility to create timely Project Management decisions with Predictive Real Time Gantt Chart.
  4. Future prediction is also a part of Comindware Project Management solution which helps in managing the resources more efficiently.
  5. Enterprise Social tool for easy collaboration among various developers and users
  6. Easy planning and resource allocation
  7. Real Time Project Reporting, Track and report time spent

Comindware Project Management : Cloud Solution – Review

Comindware Project Management software offers very simple and easy to use Cloud solution for project track and report generation. I have used the software on Cloud platform to test and review the features of Comindware.

First you need to create a Project by entering “Project Name” and “Project Description” as shown below:


Now you can create New Task either by importing them from Microsoft Project tool or create a new task and assign the task to the user with Deadline date. See Image below for details:


You can also add documents related to the task and create sub task under the main task also. Other feature that I like is the facility to select a task whose completion depends on current task.


How Reports are Generated in Comindware Project Management

Reporting is very important feature in any business software and Comindware Project Management comes with very simple to use report extraction tool. Just navigate to the Report tab and select the project; You can see the complete report on dashboard or export it in excel for further processing.

Comindware Project Management: Concluding Remarks

The software comes with almost every feature that are needed in a good Project Management Software. Report are conclusive and offers a lot of information for improvement in future. Even a non technical person who knows a little bit of computer can easily use the software to create Projects->Tasks->Users and generate report for higher management to take decisions.

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