Replace drab marketing with immersive location-based experiential marketing

The year maybe 2018, but brands are still going for traditional marketing options for their new products and services. If the conventional marketing and advertising options were effective and economical, why would people think of other marketing techniques? The first reason would be due to the oversaturation of the current market with new brands and new products every day. The second reason would be the more expansive reach at lower prices. The increasing frequency of outdoor billboards and traditional OOH advertisements is leading to desensitization and irritation among the target customers. That is definitely something marketers do not want. That is the perfect third reason for the brands to think about a new marketing technique.

Is it time for you to switch up your marketing game?

What is this new marketing technique people are whispering about? Is it a top secret among the most successful brands in the market? Does it cost a bomb? It turns out, this involves working with emotions of the target audience, so they find themselves in the midst of an intriguing experience. It should make the event hard to forget even for the most innate audiences. Most importantly, experiential marketing allows you to reach out to specific potential markets, by physically traveling to them with the products and the services. 

The cost-effectiveness of blending experiential marketing campaigns with mobile marketing tours acts as the most vital impetus for the brands and their marketing teams. Renting a billboard in a premium location or booking prime time TV airtime can burn a big hole through your pockets. However, mobile, location-based marketing can help you create a more significant impact on a more expansive audience-base with amicable investment terms. The driving force behind any engagement marketing campaign should be creating an unforgettable experience for the potential customers and the existing ones. You should be able to reach them at a more personal level with the new-age event based marketing techniques.

What are the essential parts of a mobile truck experiential tour?

Of all the engagement marketing techniques, mobile truck tours are becoming the most popular. Right now, the rental cost of these tour vehicles for marketing is quite affordable. The marketing company of your choice should be able to take care of the branding needs for your tour bus or truck. Almost all popular brands, including Godiva and the Plainville Farms, have leveraged this efficient marketing technique in the recent times. It increases data reliance and ROI for the current marketing effort. The custom vehicles for sampling tours, sports and games, AR and VR events, summer tours, concerts and road shows can help you reach the remotest corners of your target market. It provides brands with a competitive edge over their competition.

Here are a few things your mobile tour truck will need to increase the efficiency of your marketing efforts –

  1. Weatherproof vehicle wraps for the tour truck and trailer
  2. Custom Props
  • Displays and roll-up banners
  1. State of the art technology that promotes an immersive experience
  2. Interactive exhibits and other games that are the highlight of the event.

Why is the location the most important part of a mobile truck tour?

All you need to do is find the correct location. You may have already heard this ad nauseam, but demographics play a significant role in marketing. To see the right audience, you need to find the correct location first. Are you promoting health drinks or energy drinks? Then you might want to target college events and sports events. Are you trying to promote a new brand of coffee? Then you should try the city’s office district. Are you marketing modular kitchen appliances and products? Maybe, working in a suburban setup will work better for you. Find out more about the location-based mobile truck tours right here at

To enjoy the maximum effectiveness it, you need to go where your customers are. To do so, you will require completing a few steps –

  1. Find out all you can about your target audience – who they are, where you can find them and during what hours you can approach them.
  2. Secure necessary permits for setting up a temporary shop at school events or near major crossings.
  • Balance the tour locations with a generous dose of permitted locations and a few unpredictable ones.
  1. Work with favorite retailers to scout out Point of Sales (POS) promotions.

Planning is the key to success and maximum outreach. Do not let the newness of event-based marketing keep you from planning the tour successfully.

How do the target customers find you?

How does the audience of music concerts get to know about the events? Earlier, the organizers used to promote these events through posters, flyers and newspaper adverts. Right now, they turn to social media for their promotion. The organizers and the marketing team ensure that the target audience knows about these events. Telling them about the venue, date and time helps build the crowd.

Experiential marketing is a lot like these events, and there is no reason you should not bank on the power of social media to reach out to your target customers. Reaching out to them on Twitter and Instagram is exceptionally easy with brand-oriented hashtags and generic hashtags. You can also use Facebook to post updates on your tour route. Giving these people a heads up means you will not end up in an empty parking lot with no potential customer. Even when going with guerrilla route marketing, plan your locations and post about the tour route to build suspense among your dedicated followers. Let the people know that you are coming with the goodies and a cheerful crowd waiting eagerly to sample them will greet you.

Whether it is the wrap designing process, the interior setup or the social media promotion part of the engagement marketing method, you will need a touch of expertise to execute the plan successfully. The dedicated experiential marketing and mobile tour companies know how to balance the emotional factors with the immersive experience and a generous slice of information for creating the perfect, unforgettable experience.

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