Removing Junk Files and Clean System using Win PC Booster

Have you ever wondered how much junk data is residing on your system? Why your PC is getting slow day by day? I guess most of you will have and main reason for these issues is lots of junk files present in the system and registry values are not getting cleaned properly when you uninstall or remove programs from your system. I came to know about a tool which does resolve this problem – Win PC Booster.

How to Remove Junk Files and Clean System?

I decided to give a try to Win PC Booster, as I have used lots of tools earlier also but none of them provide me sufficient result. So I was a bit hesitated in using Win PC Booster, but to review the software I used that one on my system so that I can provide with the actual result before any of my readers use this on their systems.

1 Download and Install Win PC Booster

2 Run the Software to get details about your system

New Picture (15)

3 Hit ‘Fix Problems’ Button

New Picture (19)

Well the software seems quite easy and simple to use, but the work done by this is tremendous. Below is the table of my systems results after I run this on my Laptop.

Registry Problems Found 10,486
Temporary Internet Files(This is after I used to clean all my browsers using CCleaner and inbuilt cleaner of browsers) 497 files consuming 14.0 MB space
Junk Files 5091 with 2.99 GB of space
Critical Settings 20 Problems
Optimizer 89 Problems
Main surprise for me after running Win PC Booster is the amount of Junk Files, it is 2.99 GB. I don’t believe it for the first times that how it is possible, but it is indeed and thanks to this tool I came to know about this wastage of memory in my Laptop.

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