Killer Trick to Reduce BackGround Processes in Android without any App

Reduce BackGround Processes in Android – Every Android user wants to get best performance from their device. For that users install different Apps like Task killer, Cache Cleaner etc. But you can increase performance of your Android Mobile and Tablet without using any App and for the trick you don’t need to root your device also. Every Android based device comes with Developer options that has one feature of “BackGround Process Limit“. You can use this feature to limit the number of processes that can run in background and eventually helps in improving performance.

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Reduce Background processes in Android

Killer Trick to Reduce BackGround Processes in Android

The trick is very simple and easy to use, you just have to set the background process limit from Developer Options. Follow the steps below and after that i am sure that you will experience better performance from your device.

To reduce background processes in Android, navigate to Settings->Developer options and select “Background process limit” menu item. See screenshot below

Developer options in Android

There you will see different options and by default the option is set to “standard limit” which runs necessary background services in Android Device. You just now have to select “No Background process” option to reduce background processes in Android.

Set Background process limit


As you can see it is very simple and easy trick to reduce background processes in Android. You don’t need to worry about the rooted device or installing any app which will kill background tasks. Just visit the Developer options and set number of background processes which can run. I have used this trick on my Tablet and it works fine.

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