Prevent and Recover your Blog from Google unnatural backlinks penalty

There has been lot of change going around in Google Algorithm lately which has affected lots of Blogs and websites. I am going through other blogs and found a case study which shows that there has been traffic drop up to 90% from organic search all over the world. Most of the affected sites are Blogs running on WordPress and Blogger. My Blog is one of the victim also by which I am observing traffic drop of more than 50% which is huge setback for me. But being in the blogging for some time now, I have not quit blogging as most the newbies do so after seeing such drastic drop in both traffic and eventually earning. I am taking some steps in getting my Blog to the mark again and there are some steps that I have put into effect.

Recover your Blog from Google unnatural backlinks penalty

Recover your Blog from Google unnatural backlinks penalty

  • Make efforts to reduce page loading speed. I strongly recommend all bloggers to go for light and SEO optimized WordPress theme from Mythemeshop
  • Removed unnecessary Google Search Results such as Tags, Categories and Archives pages.
  • Update WordPress to the current version
  • Making efforts to increase Alexa Ranking. Read Also : Tips to increase Alexa Ranking for your Website Blog

I haven’t known what had triggered drop in my Blog traffic so I decided to analyze and my data and see if it is an effect of Google Penguin or Panda update. You can also track your Blog Traffic after Google Panda or Penguin Update 2013 with the use of Barracuda Digital Penguin Tool.

How to Prevent your Blog from Google Unnatural Backlinks Penalty

You cannot get higher ranking in Google unless you have quality backlinks to your site. But there is a flip side of backlinking process that can result in penalty from Google. It is a myth that building higher number of backlinks get good SEO ranking, rather is the quality not quantity that matters.

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To prevent your Blog from Penalty from Google for unnatural backlinks first try to avoid getting such links. But if you want to analyse the links that are already linking back to your Blog try the following services that helps in analyses of Backlinks over internet.


Linkquidator is a professional service that helps in finding and removing Google Unnatural links. The service uses 20 different parameters to decide which of your backlink is harmful to the SEO and export all unnatural links for disavow on Google.

Official Website –

MOZ open site explorer

This is one more service to get a complete list of all the backlinks to your Blog. Feature that makes me use this is the ability to save all the links in spreadsheet to my system.

Official Website –


Ahref is a popular site explorer and backlink analysing site. You can use the services of the website for free but with limitation. You get complete detail in the form of graphs also which provides for more detailed view.

Official Website –

Majestic SEO

Majestic SEO provides all the facility that you need to find out the number of backlinks to your Blog. Get complete information about referring domains, Anchor Text. I will suggest you to register for Majestic SEO to get more details about the backlinks.

Official Website –

Methods to Recover your Blog from Google unnatural backlinks penalty

Preventing a Blog from unnatural link penalty is to follow the guidelines explained in the section above and go through other articles listed above. However if your Blog is going through rough phase than you can follow the steps below to recover your Blog from Google Penalty

  • Request Link Removal – After getting complete list of backlinks to your Blog, contact the webmasters to contact your Blog URL. This is lengthy and tiresome process but need to be done to get good ranking in Google Search Results
  • Use Google Disavow Tool – If you don’t want to contact each webmasters than use Google disavow tool which is been released by the company in October 2012.
  • Reconsideration Request – After doing all the things such as removing low quality articles, unnatural links send your Blogs reconsider request to Google via this URL – If you don’t get response within 2-3 weeks keep resubmitting the request until you get positive response from Google.

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