Trusted Contacts – How to Recover Lost or Hacked Facebook Password

Recover Lost or Hacked Facebook Password – Facebook has started new and very useful service which lets you recover your Lost or Hacked Password. The service is Free of Cost and called as Trusted Contact. Facebook is the largest Social Networking Site which is used by millions of users everyday. More the visitors more are the chances of hacking. Most of the Social Networking sites are now using Two- Way authentication which is useful in protecting the password from hacking. But in the case of Lost of Hacked Password, Trusted Contact Feature of Facebook play very important role. In this post I will tell how to activate and use Trusted Contact Feature on Facebook to retrieve Lost Password or recover from the Hacked Facebook Account

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Recover Lost or Hacked Facebook Password

Recover Lost or Hacked Facebook Password

Trusted Contact Feature to Recover Lost or Hacked Facebook Password

Trusted Contact Feature on Facebook is like your trusted neighbor, where you can leave your house keys. This is the latest features introduced by Facebook to give better security and more than security efficient management of your account. With Trusted Contact you get the facility of selecting up to five friends that you trust the more. If you ever lost password or your Facebook Account gets hacked then this is the best method to recover from such situation. Working on this Trusted Contact goes like, when you finish with the setup of trusted friends each friend is notified and provided with some access code. Now if you ever lost your Facebook Password or your Facebook Account get hacked you just have to call your trusted friends and ask them to mail or message you the access code. Those with access code can be used to recover Facebook Password from Password Recovery Option in Facebook.  

Simple Tutorial to Setup Facebook Trusted Contact Features 

To start using the Trusted Contact feature in Facebook, Logged into your Account and select ‘Account Settings‘ Menu Option


Now from All Setting navigate to the Security Settings Menu and Click that


In the Security Settings you can see ‘Trusted Contacts’ Click on the Edit button


After you click the Edit button, Trusted Contact Option gets open and there you can see a Hyperlink ‘Choose Trusted Contacts’. Click on that link


From newly opened Pop up windows select the ‘Choose Trusted Contacts’ button, so that when you have lost your password, these selected friends can give you the security codes that allows you to get access to your Account.


Enter the names of your Trusted Friends to make them as Trusted Contacts and click on the confirm button.


Now to recover the password you have to ask all your Trusted Contact Friends to visit Facebook Recover Page where your friends will be asked to verify that it is really you asking the password. Once they have it, they can pass the code along to you, which you’ll then need to enter to regain access to your account. Again, you’ll need all of your Trusted Contacts to go through this procedure before you can get access to your account. So if you have five people on the list, you’ll need all five codes.

That’s all and now you are set to use the Trusted Contact Feature on Facebook to get access to your Facebook Account in case when you have lost your Password or your accounts gets hacked.

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