Recover lost data from hard drive with EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free

Losing data from the hard drive is the biggest issue most individuals have been dealing with. The are several causes of data loss like the accidental deletion, virus attack or hard drive issues. We all know that once the data is lost from the hard drive it is difficult to recover.

Do not worry because EaseUS free data recovery software has made the process easy for you. The software is developed with the latest technology that will allow you to recover all types of data within minutes. The best thing about the free data recovery software is that it is very easy to use. Here are some of the simple steps you have to follow in order to recover all the data that you have lost.


First, you have to intel the EaseUS free data recovery software into your system. Assure that you follow all the instructions, so the software will be properly installed. Once it is installed, the features of software will run in the background of your computer. You have to launch the software on the main desktop of the laptop, so you can start the recovery process.


Once you have launched the recovery software, it is important that you select the folder or drive from where you would like to recover the data. After selection, you have to start the scanning process. There are two scanning options available.

  1. Quick scan: it will allow you to quickly scan all the files. It will only take a few seconds and all the superficial files will be available.
  2. Depp scan: with this scanning facility you can easily scan even the hidden files from the system.
  3. Once you have found all the files that you need, simply stop the scanning process and proceed with recovery.


Once you have found all the files that you would like to recover the free data recovery software will provide you the chance to preview all the files once again. In this way, if you have missed some of the files you can start the scanning process again and find them as well. In this way, you will not have to waste your time starting over once again. Once you have reviewed and selected all the files you can proceed.


Assure that you recheck everything before you select the recovery option. The free data recovery software will start working to find and recover all the files back into your system. it will take a few minutes and you will have all your files back. You will not have to deal with any issues.

The free data recovery software in the best program available in the market. It will allow you to recover all different types of files and data that you want. You can easily recover the data from any platform or device that you like. EaseUS is quick and reliable because your data will not be shared with any other system.

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