Reasons why Nintendo denies making games for Android and iPhone

Back in the days, Nintendo’s famous Sonic was among everyone’s favorite gaming experience. The company attained worldwide recognition faster than expected; however, little did Nintendo know what Microsoft and Sony had planned for Sonic’s future. Rumor has it that Nintendo will release games for Android and iOS later this year; unfortunately, they’re just unfounded allegations and it looks like Nintendo has no plans of turning its attention to apps and games for the iPhone.

Nintendo denies making games for Android

Should Nintendo start making games for Android and iOS? 

Well, the truth is Nintendo is struggling to compete with both Android and iOS, and although their products are still selling, they’re not selling enough. Nintendo has denied the rumors, yet we strongly believe it should turn its attention to making games. Their recent gadget, the Wii U, was not that appreciated by the people who only bought about 2.8 million. Some might even agree that Nintendo is not ready enough to face the competition, so there’s that question again: why is Nintendo refusing to make games for iPhone and Android? 

From an objective point of view, Nintendo is being stubborn and probably a bit too proud of their products and brand. They have great chances of making solid games but they’re not willing to risk giving up the handheld console, which in all fairness, it is the product that sets Nintendo apart from all other gaming companies on the market. 

Will Nintendo DS and 3DS survive in a tank filled with smart sharks? 

Nintendo has reigned over the gaming industry for more than 10 years, so it was about time for something new to hit the market and destroy that perfect dream – the smartphone. The 3DS and DS consoles are now competing with devices worth around $200, which is about the price for an iPhone 4S only with fewer features. 

We still can’t understand why Nintendo is refusing to make games for smartphones. They have the chance to boost their income in an instant. For example, they could easily market some of their older games and make them compatible for Android and iOS. But no, they’d rather stay in the darkness and watch other companies thrive. Nintendo is not going bankrupt though; they’re filthy rich actually but they can’t compete with the demand for pioneering technology. Over the years, they succeeded is gathering millions of fans, so people are not buying handheld consoles because of the technology, but because of the brand. 

Nintendo – a leading console manufacturer 

Nintendo is an exclusive gaming company. Their consoles, games, and hardware are unique, and that sets Nintendo apart from others. Because they’re software and a hardware company, they don’t want to partner with anyone else in the business. Basically, choosing to make games for Android would cost Nintendo a lot of money. Buyers will use the software without invest more in having the hardware as well. Why should they sacrifice themselves when they can easily abide by their own philosophy and let others compete for the grand prize? 

Nintendo doesn’t want to rule the market with its games and consoles – first because it can’t anymore and they’re ok with that; and second, because they don’t want to sacrifice essential parts of their products. Some of their games were exclusively released for Nintendo DS and 3DS and to play the games you had to buy the handheld console. 

Does Nintendo need the money? No it doesn’t; their worth is expanded at 12 billion, so even if they fail to sell some products, they would still be super rich. The company still relies on customer loyalty, and honestly, who doesn’t have a Nintendo DS stashed someplace where no one could see? 

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