Purchasing mobiles online

With the increasing trend of purchasing mobile phones on the internet, the numbers of stores offering a variety of cool brands (with a good number of offers) has also increased greatly. However, not all ecommerce sites are genuine or have policies and procedures which match brick-and-mortar stores’ convenience.

You need to ask many questions before putting in your credit card details on any   these platforms. It is quite like doing all required due diligence before opting for something like the best dna tests online. You should pay heed to some important factors listed below before purchasing your next mobile phone on the internet.

Manufacturer Warranty

Mobile phones being sold online these days may come with either one or two types of warranties: Seller warranty and manufacturer warranty. Manufacturer warranty encompasses the complete warranty support from the manufacturer for a stated period of time. The seller warranty, on the other hand, means that you need to get in touch with the specific seller each time you have a problem with your mobile phone. This type of warranty is associated with mobile phones which have either been imported from a different country or may have been smuggled, in the worst-case scenario. Third- party online sites do showcase branded mobile phones’ listing with such warranties. If possible, try and avoid purchasing all goods with such warranties associated with them.

Website’s reputation

It is important that you discern between websites because the sites’ reputation should be a key factor in making your decision to go with it or not.  You will always come across online sites which offer great discounts or buy-back offers. In addition, they may lure you with bonuses, promotional offers, customer loyalty cards and yet they may not live up to your expectations. Avoid such low-quality online stores in your country.

Returns and Refunds
The one line which defines the way customers are treated is “Their turf, their rules”. If the rules for order cancellations and returns are not flexible, there is no reason for you to risk your money by purchasing such expensive items online. Since you are unable to physically verify the purchase, you should be able to request its cancellation or return in case of an issue. Always review the rules and policies pertaining to refunds, cancellations, and returns before making your purchase online. Some companies are very rigid in offering a cancellation or return after you have swiped your credit card details into their systems.


This small rider actually determines which online stores have strong networks in place to offer you the comfort of free shipping. If you are expected to spend more amount in getting your next mobile phone shipped then it may be a better idea to choose to buy from another online store or a brick and mortar store, where you can physically look at the product before making your purchase. However, if you get a free delivery with some wait time, it would still be worthwhile.

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