Parental Control Apps – Must-Have Features

It’s essential to protect your kid from online threats. Therefore it’s a great idea to install parental control software on your kid’s gadgets. However, when picking the best control app, there are some essential features to look out for, these are;

  1. Profiles

The good thing about a parental control app is that it permits you to create individual profiles for every kid. For the younger kids, you can restrict them by putting security measures in place. This way, you restrict them from accessing inappropriate content.

2.”Limit screen time” functions

For teens, the “limit screen tools” come in handy. These tools support you in turning off your kid’s phones or laptops when you want them to do their homework. If this doesn’t work, you can as well sell the kid’s gadgets. Where can I sell broken phones online? There are many sites to exchange your old or broken phones or tablets for cash.

  1. Texting control features

Most kids communicate through text messages. So, parental control software with a feature that monitors this will be helpful. Such a tool alerts you whenever your kid gets a new friend. If it’s someone you are suspicious about, you can block the messages from that particular contact.

  1. Emergency/ location features

In case of emergencies, you should be able to track your kid’s location. Some control apps come with location-tracking features, and you can put a panic button on the kid’s phone, enabling them to call for help immediately.


You need to understand the best features before picking your preferred parental control software. Parental control apps come with different functions, but qustodio parental control has a variety of essential functions. It’s also the best parental control app for iPad.

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