Paranoid of Selfies? Go For a Perfect Click with Few Top Mobile Selfie Apps

Like it or not, selfies are becoming a fact of our day-to-day life. A simple word “self portrait” has now been blown up to a major level that all famous English dictionaries have now included the word “Selfie”!!!!


Evolving social media is transforming the world to a connected society. There is an explosion in this landscape with every day a new innovative app getting launched to deliver plethora of tasks to enhance your selfie experience and allowing you to have that right picture which you can share with pride. “selfie is not only about admiring yourself it is also now become a status symbol for younger generation, your one selfie can make you a hot topic to be talked in your society,” mentioned a student in a latest report.


Several banks, tax agencies and tech companies are making the selfie as an integral step to log in. Many companies are letting people use selfies instead of password to log in to their accounts.

With touch tools, gesture recognition feature and dozens of photo editing tools, all you have to do is just smile, click, edit and share.  You will have a story to share behind each of your selfies….

Go ahead and browse these top mobile applications that let you have a perfect selfie and don’t be surprised, few of them allow you to have a cosmetic kit right in your mobile phone.

Top Eight Mobile Applications That Lets You to Have a Creative Control of Your Picture 

#YouCam Makeup / YouCam Perfect


Recently launched, YouCam Makeup is a photo editing application that lets you to transform the way you look in a photo. The app allows you to add different effects with all kinds of makeup to your picture. Rated as the best makeover and hairstyle studio app, this is sure to give that digital transformation to your look. Even those who hate make up can look good in a selfie by just using this app. This app was launched following the success of YouCam Perfect, yet another top rated photo editing mobile app. YouCam Perfect allows you to easily get rid of all your wrinkles, dark circles and even dry skin within seconds. It is like doing a plastic surgery of your face at a fraction of second and totally minus any cost. Available free on Google Play, the app is compatible with Android 4.0 and up.



Winner of the most innovative mobile app award by GSMA, the app promises to make your selfie the best one. Noted to be a new age selfie app with gesture recognition technology, CamMe allows you to have that perfect click. Being intuitive, the app recognizes your palm and hand gestures. All you have to do is to put your hand up to activate the camera and close your fist to initiate the countdown. This app is available in Apple iTunes store and is compatible with iOS 7 or up.



Facetune is yet another popular mobile app for photo editing. This is one killer app that allows you to do all magic with your selfie picture.  Right from giving you the perfect skin, perfect smile, the app also helps in emphasizing your eyes and lips with clear detailing that can go up to removing your dark circles and blemishes too. Also have you forgotten to smile in that golden moment? No worries. This app can help you to reshape / gently modify your face structure too. Other interesting features include; enhancement of the focus by blurring the background, hiding your bald spots and many more localized effects to change the setting of light and texture.



Launched in 2011, this app was rated in 2015 as one of the top best Android Apps by PC Magazine. The latest version 2.0 is available for both Android and iOS users and it features unlimited editing possibilities. By simply using swiping gestures, users can edit their pictures with various enhancements.



This is the ultimate app for anybody who wishes to see a transformation of their picture within seconds. With more than twenty makeup tools, you can get into a different style to get that perfect and accurate picture. A unique feature called “Mirror” is available in this app which lets users to virtually get a look while clicking a selfie and even while taking a picture. Go ahead and use this free app for a celebrity look. The app is available in iTunes and Google Play.



Formerly known as VSCOcam, the app lets iOS and Android device users to get incredible selfies. As a wonder tool, this app lets you to rediscover yourself in few seconds. With professional grade tools, high-end manual controls and presets, the app enables you to create a picture and go ahead innovating all possibilities with the editing and sharing features. The app lets you to fine tune your images using various manual adjustment tools. Few of the basic filters come free, but if you need advanced one, you can purchase them via their shop options. Few unique editing options include;

  • Warm up or cool down the temperature in your picture
  • Brighten or dull the shadow
  • Add a tint to your photo
  • Change skin tone of your picture
  • Sharpen the edges of your picture
  • Control the vibrancy of colour in your picture



Rated as the number one best selfie app featured by Apple, this app gives you unlimited creative possibilities to manipulate your selfie images. Not only this, the app lets you to create time lapse videos of your old pictures too. The app lets you to keep multiple reminders for you to take a picture of yourself or capture those precious moments in your life which can be every day, every week and every month reminders. Picr is a chance to see your picture in a new way. This app is available in Apple iTunes store and is compatible with iOS 7 or up.



Noted as an addictive camera app, it just lets you to not only picture yourself perfectly but also lets you to reveal where you are. The name says it. It gives you the option to share multiple sides of your clicked moments. Available both on the App Store and Google Play, the app can be one of the best tools that your phone can have. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch of iOS 7.0 or later and for Android 4.0.3 and up.

Focus On Certain Basic Necessities before You Click;

  • Set focus and exposure
  • Turn the Grid on
  • If the room is dark, use lights
  • Check the colour

Once these basic necessities are set, you just have to click those moments and the rest you can rely on the above mentioned Mobile Selfie Apps which gives that magic touch to your pictures. Selfies are going to be fun with endless possibilities.  So, all those selfie freaks – go ahead and click selfies and don’t leave them in your phone… use these apps and create magic, share them and wait for those quick comments.


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