Opinions on the Upcoming Facebook Standalone App

In the earlier news over the past months, Facebook was making its intention clear of making an impact on the world of video, and now they have plans on taking over another trend that’s becoming very popular. Previously, the content that people would post on Facebook would come from other sources, such as your personal camera, for instance, that would then be uploaded onto the social network. 

Of course, all kinds of images and videos could become part of a profile, and that will still be the case. However, Facebook will reportedly now be launching its Facebook standalone camera app to let its user create and upload content even faster. That sounds like good news at first glance, and like Facebook wants to overtake its competitors in yet another area. 

Opinions on the Upcoming Facebook Standalone App

Less time to reflect on content? 

However, this could lead to Facebook users taking less time to reflect on the content they upload perhaps? How will this app affect what we see on the pages of people’s profiles? Indeed, this instantaneous way of creating content could come in the way of better things being found on people’s profiles. 

The release isn’t exactly around the corner, but it will still need to be presented in a way that Facebook users create the kind of content that’s worth seeing on feed. Quicker doesn’t always mean more relevant. It’s needed a lot of the times that users think before they post, and an app like this might do the exact opposite. 

In the past, plenty of Facebook users were resistant to change because they wanted the experience to stay the same. Perhaps this new app will change things dramatically, and some users won’t like it. It remains to be seen what users will make of it and what will be suggested when you download it. Contrarily to Snapchat, the content won’t necessarily disappear this time around, and the user is responsible for what is posted on their profile and sent to their friends. 

Adjusting to the mobile world 

Still, though, the move makes sense in the way that most people seem to be using the Internet through mobile devices nowadays, and despite the standard Facebook new app being good, it isn’t exactly ending up as the partner of choice for people who want to create and share content on their mobile device at the moment. This Facebook standalone app could change things greatly and facilitate things for users in what they exactly want to do. For some users, gone are the days of hopping on your PC and going through photos before they decide what they want to share.

 Now, they want to instantaneously create content and share it as quickly as possible, thanks to the habits that apps like Snapchat have brought to us. The social media world is fun, but sometimes it can be frustrating to exchange between brands and apps constantly to get the result that you want. That was especially previously the case with Facebook if you wanted the content to end on your profile. Using app from the same brand as your favorite social network will certainly enhance the experience for some, and make it simpler for beginners all at the same time.

Easier for beginners 

Beginners in terms of social media and sharing could probably very well benefit from this since they could be confused at first on how to upload things to Facebook if they’ve never used it. However, with this app, they could have a way to interact directly with the social network without reading all the instructions and going through the basics. It’s doubtful the experts will have anything to do with it, but they might still like its simplicity and instantaneous aspect. 

Overall, this seems like a good idea from Facebook in terms of getting to the competition. However, there’s a chance that the content will be so easy to publish that it will lower in quality, but that remains to be seen. The main advantage this gives Facebook as on mobile platform where their offering was perhaps less practical than the competition. Facebook is spreading pretty fast into the video world, but it seems to be needed. 

People want some of their content to be on there as soon as possible, and more and more their recording it with simple devices. With a standalone app, Facebook could appear more simple and gain some ground against a competitor like Snapchat. This standalone app should also help beginners learn the ropes of the social network and use its more advanced features afterwards. Then, we could talk about a simple Facebook and a full Facebook once the user is ready to make the jump. Hopefully, the new Facebook standalone app comes as an improvement and not a move backwards in terms of quality. 

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