Best One Click Android Root Tools for Almost any Device

Best One Click Android Root Tools – How to Root Android Device is one of the most searched thing on internet and there are many tools and techniques to Root. But most of them requires technical aspect which are difficult for naïve users. For them many companies have already launched One Click Root Solution which will root your Android Smartphone and Tablet with single click. There are many benefits of Rooting Android device like getting superuser permission, Developer Options can be accessed and lot more. But one of the best advantage of Rooting an Android Device is ability to install Custom ROM like Cyanogenmod on Android Devices. In this post i am going to share Top Tools to Root Almost any android Device with one Click.

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One Click Android Root Tools

Best One Click Android Root Tools

With root access, You can easily bypass any restrictions applied by the manufacturer. You can install any apps, uninstall pre-installed apps, disable background services and lot more things you can do. Here are the Best One Click Android Tools

1. Kingo Android Root

Kingo Android Root is one of the Best One Click Android Root Tool that I have come across yet. It has very simple interface that install all the device driver automatically. Following are the features of Kingo Android Root Software

  • Faster performance
  • Preserve battery life
  • Access root-only apps
  • Remove carrier bloatware
  • Customizable appearance
  • Attain admin level permission

2. One Click Root

One Click Root is the world’s leading Android rooting software. With just a single click, you can root your Android smartphone or tablet and have access to hundreds of new and exciting features. The tool can be used to root almost any Android Device but there are certain devices that are tested with the software, See Supported Devices List

3. UnLockRoot

Unlock Root is a software to help you root your Android device. The main function of this software is to get the highest user privileges, thus you can remove, install or uninstall any applications on your device freely and give you a clean system since you use Unlock Root. There are two version of the software available; Free Version which lacks the support to Root Devices like Samsung Galaxy S3, Note 2, Google Nexus, HTC and more. The other version is premium that comes with support to root almost any Android device but will cost you 29$.

Disclaimer: Rooting your device will void its warranty. In addition, performing the rooting procedure incorrectly may have unexpected consequences. Please use the tools at your own risk.

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