OLX.in: Best Online Classified Site with ‘Bech De’ Slogan

I am sure you love shopping online, as it brings entire market yo your home with single click on Mobile, Tablet or Computer system. There are a lot of online shopping portals selling electronics in India but very few that allows you to sell items. There are so many users who are habitual buying lot of without thinking and later don’t use them a lot. For them OLX.in is the perfect online portal to sell those items at very good price. Company is marketing the portal with “Bech De” slogan and every advertisement shown on television focus on reselling unused items on Olx.in portal. You just need to list your product on OLX.in and find reliable customer to sell the items. Olx.in is a very popular online classifieds started back in year 2006 and grown to be the best in India.


Services Offered by OLX.in

OLX.in is a free Indian Classifieds offering basically two services to the consumers: Buy and Sell products listed on the portal. As you can see in more videos posted on the site consumers are talking about the benefits of using Olx.in. Started in 2006 the site has grown and now the services are available in more than 40 different languages spreading across 96 different countries. One thing that is not noticed most often by the users is that you can easily find job on Olx.in as there is job posted by the employers. There are a lot of benefits of using Olx.in for selling and buying products and some of them are listed below:

  • Easy posting of Advertisement with colorful design and photos
  • Accessible from Mobile
  • Buyer can directly contact the seller
  • Seller can control the selling using My OLX

OLX.in Ad Campaigns

If you love watching TV in India, then you must have seen advertisement where some one is saying out loud “Bech De“. The slogan has become very popular in India and really helped the company grown in stature. There are the lot of advertisement from the company like selling the baby cot, desktop pc, bike and the grandfather advt. but one of my favorite is the one shown below.

In the above advt. you can see wife is saying to the husband that weather in Shimla is very cold and husband disagree that they are indeed in Delhi. Then Wife says that they have come on Bike which was bought by the husband to enjoy long rides(But that never happened :P). Later when wife tell to sell the bike on OLX.in, husband agrees and both of them are shown happy. This advt. shows reality of Indian house and how Olx.in brings happiness in every one’s life.


For me Olx.in is the best online portal that can be trusted to sell and buy products. You can easily sell old stuff for good price and it is indeed a fair deal for both the parties(seller and buyer). If you have something that you don’t use and occupying space in your home then I have to say only one thing:

“Bech De”

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