MWC 2014 – Nokia Android Mobile X, X+ and XL Launch a threat to India Mobile Manufactures!

Finally Nokia Android Phones are launched by the company at a recent event in MWC 2014. Since Android Operating System came into market Nokia Mobile sales has declined and the company has been only selling Windows based Smartphone’s in the market. The effect is so much that Indian Mobile manufactures like Micromax, XOLO are doing better than Nokia in India. Now with the launch of three Android based Mobile phones Nokia stepped in the market to compete and surely will pose a threat to Indian Mobile Manufactures. In this post I am going to give brief description about Nokia X, X+ and XL Android based Smartphone’s.

Nokia Android Mobiles

Nokia Launches Android based Smartphone’s at MWC 2014

Nokia has launched three new mobiles based on Android Mobile Operating System. The devices run on AOSP code overlaid by Nokia’s unique Lumia tile based experience compete with Asha’s Fastlane experience. Below is the complete comparison between Nokia X, X+ and XL Android Mobile Phones:

comparison between Nokia X, X+ and XL Android Mobile Phones

Will Nokia Android Mobile Phones pose a threat to Indian Mobile Companies?

Nokia is always seen as most trusted brand in Indian Mobile market and the only reason for decline in sales for Nokia mobiles is not migrating to Android OS. But at MWC 2014 Nokia has showcased its X series phones running on customized Android OS which will support 75% of Android Apps and more support is coming soon. If we compare other mobiles from Micromax, XOLO even Samsung in the same price range you will not get a device as good as Nokia X Series Android phones. As a user I always prefer to put my money on trusted brand with good after sales service and no one can beat Nokia in that.

So if you have to buy a device under Rs. 10k which mobile will you prefer: Nokia X Series Android Phone or other, Share your view by commenting below:

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