Must Have Android Apps to Assist You in Daily Life

In this every day changing global world where pace is the prime necessity in hectic schedule and hullabaloo of daily life, it is an undeniable fact that smartphones have become a joystick to run almost every domain of our lives. The title above says ‘must’ instead of ‘should’. And it is self-evident that you cannot run your daily life without apps offered by smartphones. Be it about your office work or reservation of a train or flight ticket, booking a hotel or cab, listening to your favorite music or chatting with your loved ones; these apps have deeply embedded their roots in all dimensions of our lives. This article highlights various android apps and their usage and equivalently proves how they highly assist you in daily lives.

Must Have Android Apps to Assist You in Daily Life

Messengers and Mails

The first thing and very common agenda that flashes in mind while buying an android phone is social connectivity. Various messenger apps help you in this as you do not then need any sort of messaging plans to send messages or even make video calls. WhatsApp is the most widely chatting application, used among various others. It offers not only chatting and sending messages but you may also create a group of, say your organization, in which you can add your colleagues to stay in touch with them. It also lets you share media files like videos, images and audio files of multiple formats. Moreover, the app overs various other benefits as well. Others in this genre are Hike, WeChat and Telegram. Facebook messenger, Mailbox, Boomerang are others that let pop ups appear and notify you if you have got any new message over Facebookor Gmail. All these messenger apps really makes your social life swift, subtle and at the same time faster. You may as well download and install apps of your social networking accounts, be it Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Recreation Apps

Android apps help you lot in recreation as well and what is meant by this is not just gaming but recreation in its core sense. Gaming, for example, has come a long way and developed a lot. In the list of most widely used apps of all time you encounter game apps at the top. Be it Temple Run or Candy Crush, these apps really help in recreation after your tiresome day or during boring and monotonous journeys. Not only games but another solid example is android app for YouTube. You can browse around any videos anytime. Apps for music also help you in listening to your favorite music in just a click and in really recreate your life. Photo editing software is another such tool that help you develop the best image for you.

Miscellaneous Apps

The list of various android apps that help you assist in daily lives can never terminate. There are apps for almost everything and every domain of your life. This section, in short and brief way discusses a few others. You have to book a flight, train, a hotel or even a cab, all you have to do is go to your play store and install these apps. You have to make journey to an unseen place, GPS apps and maps help you in locating your destination. You have to throw an unplanned party you may download apps of various food delivery stores nearby your place in one go.

Again, the list is endless, but it cannot be denied that whatever is your need,android apps have so come a long way and been developed that all your desires and demands are met in a single touch.

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