Multiple Clouds Manager – MultCloud Released Its Chrome Extension

MultCloud is a multiple cloud services management app based on website. Its core feature is transferring files from one cloud to another. We have written two articles about it before, one is in 2013, another is in 2015. What’s more, MultCloud’s interfaces in each article are different. Now MultCloud has been upgraded to 3.8, its interfaces also changed a lot, that’s why I decide to publish a new one.

At first, I would like to tell you that MultCloud developed a Chrome extension. We highly recommend you install the extension if you use Google Chrome or a browser similar to Chrome(eg. Vivaldi). Then you use MultCloud and Google Drive will be easier. The icon on the browser lets you sign in MultCloud or check task manager. The red button guides you transfer files from Google Drive to another account and vice versa. Learn how to use it please visit this tutorial.


One year passed, it’s impossible that MultCloud has only few changes. Now, let’s see changes of MultCloud itself. Please have a look at the following screenshot.


Right-click menu added new option – “Go to official site” for some cloud services. Improved Share function, it even has a special interface. Enhanced Preview function, supports more file types, including: jpg, png, gif, pdf, xls, doc, txt, html, js. Clicking Transfer button at the top, will switch to professional Transfer Services as following picture shows:


Here, you can set more options for transferring and do scheduled file copy. MultCloud is able to commit parallel transmission and transfer even after power off if you choose scheduled task. You can check and edit tasks in the Task Manager at the top right of MultCloud’s interface or click the extension icon on the browser.


MultCloud is not unlimited now, it gives you 2TB traffic for first use. And give you a free process to upgrade to 10TB, which is very easy.


As you read this, are you interested in MultCloud? MultCloud designed a way to attract people – “Experience without signing up”. Don’t worry about the security, we have explained in last article. If you feel good with MultCloud after trying, welcome to bind your own email.

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