Monitor Your Internet Data Usage with Check Data Usage App

Internet data usage charges have been dropped down significantly in past decades with multiple options available to users in form of different plans offered by operators. Still, there is a need to manage and optimize these plans to save data usage and charges occurred on them. To do this, you can use one effective app called “Check Data Usage” which helps you do that effortlessly. This app offers many useful features to help you manage your Internet data usage.

Features of Check Data Usage

Home Page: At the home page of the app, you can find all features of the app. You can click on any feature to access its benefit. It also displays current and total data usage by both mobile network and W-Fi usage.

Set Data Plan: Using this feature, you can set data plan for your device to manage Internet data consumption well. It asks you to select data limit and days to set data plan. You can select either from defined days (like 15,30,60 or 90 days) or select it from the calendar. It also helps you to set maximum data usage alert on your device. You can click on “Show Wi-Fi in Notification” to view Wi-Fi data usage in the notification bar.

Optimize the Internet: This feature helps you optimize all active services on your device which are using the Internet. It also helps you clean your device RAM.

Clean Cache: This feature helps you clean cache data on your device generated due to different tasks you have performed using different apps.

RAM Clean: This feature allows you to stop all active services and apps running on your device RAM irrespective of the fact they are using Internet or not. It helps you boost your device speed & performance by cleaning the RAM.

Data Use Chart: It displays a detailed analysis of Internet data usage on your device. It includes data usage by both mobile network and Wi-Fi network for the currently active plan. It displays per day basis analysis.


Data Summary: This function displays total data usage on your device by both the mobile data network and Wi-Fi network from the time of installation of this app to present date. Here you can view details on the monthly, quarterly or annual basis.

Plan Summary: This function display all expired plans to detail in a detailed summary. It helps you optimize your data usage based on previous records.

Usage by App: It helps you view data usage by individual app or service using mobile data network or Wi-Fi usage. It is useful to manage your resource hungry apps.

Tips: Under Tips, you can find all useful tips & tricks to optimize Internet data usage on your device.


Basic Settings:

  • Under basic settings, you can set daily data usage limit.
  • It will notify you whenever you exceed the defined daily data usage limit.
  • It also helps you restore to default settings by resetting all statistics related to Wi-Fi and mobile network.

Notification Settings

  • Use these settings to view data usage notification in the status bar of your device. Do this by tapping on “Show data usage notification” option.
  • You can set notification toggle cancelable by tapping “Data usage notification cancelable” option.
  • By pressing “Notify daily limit exceeded once per day” option you can get a notification once per day when you exceed daily data usage limit.

App Exclusion List: Once you add any app to this list, Check Data Usage app will not touch that app when “Optimize the Internet” option is selected.

Tutorial: You can see all information about the app and how it works under tutorial.

Verdict: Check Data Usage is a useful tool to keep a tab on your Internet data usage both on Wi-Fi and mobile network. Using this app, you can optimize your Internet data usage instantly in much better way. It also helps you manage and plan your future data usage in an effective way. We highly suggest this app to users around the world.

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