Mobile Phone Signal Booster in your house

Stay Always Connected with a mobile phone signal booster!

You can’t talk on a mobile phone as calls are permanently being interrupted? You have to stay close to the window and not to breeze to make a call? The problem is easier to solve than you can imagine. All you need is a mobile phone signal booster from MyAmplifiers.

What is a booster?

It’s an effective device which is used to amplify cellular signals. The principle of booster work is really simple. Outdoor antenna is positioned in the place with strong and stable signal. It catches mobile signal and transmits it to the booster. The booster amplifies received signal and spreads it all over the area with poor coverage.


The number of mobile phones with which a mobile repeater can function is unlimited. The booster transmits amplified signal to all mobile devices located in the zone.  

The equipment can be useful in many cases. Thick walls of your house or its great distance from a base mobile station may prevent you from receiving strong and reliable cellular signals. Different kinds of areas below the ground such as parking lots, garages or basement floors are usually hardly accessible for mobile signals as well. Poor coverage is also quite common for highly built-up business areas. Thick and high walls of skyscrapers or multi-storied buildings create so-called «blind effect» and don’t let GSM signals come into certain offices.   

Mobile repeaters which intensify voice connections are called GSM boosters as they improve particularly GSM signal. They differ in coverage and gain or amplification power. MyAmplifiers offers a wide range of models which embrace various clients’ requirements in space and power. Our devices can be suitable either for owners of a small summer house and an underground shop or a spacious hotel with a few floors and a large villa with attic and terrace.


Apart from GSM signal people often face the problem of slow and sometimes inaccessible 3G internet on their mobiles. There’s a line of 3G repeaters used to speed up the work of 3G internet and all 3G services in our online shop. In the range of company products such unique models as dualbands are also included which boost both GSM and 3G signal at a time.

A mobile repeater ordered from MyAmplifiers comes in a full kit with all the items necessary for installation. So, an express carrier will deliver a suit comprising outdoor and indoor antennas, cables for connecting antennas with a booster and all the required mountings.

GSM boosters are CE-certified and RoHS-compliant products and are confirmed to be safe for humans.

More information about GSM repeaters you can get here.

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