Mobile Advertising A New Target for Advertisers

Mobile Advertising is trending in all the sectors. Indeed, it is gradually becoming the important part of the digital marketing. The reasons behind the growing trend for advertising through mobile are exhibited below:

  • The steep rise in the usage of mobile phones & the mobile internet traffic
  • Increase in demand of mobile devices, such as tablets, smartphones, etc.
  • Improvement in mobile technology, such as screen size, processors, battery, platforms and other features.

Mobile Advertising

What is Mobile Advertising! Demystify Real Meaning

Mobile advertising is the way to advertise the product/services with the help of mobile phones and other mobile devices, like tablet. The mobile advertising has gone through various changes. Gone are the days, when mobile ads were small banner ads that the users just tap. Now, different businesses of all sizes are deploying different methodologies in mobile advertising in order to improve user’s interactions, impact the buying behaviour prolifically and even convert the users into buyers. Besides all these things various new features come with mobile advertising, such as:

  • Target Audience On Geographical Basis: The mobile advertising has become so much advanced that you can target the desirable audience as per geographical area. The business can easily promote the products among the local customers as well as optimize the revenue prolifically. For example, Pizza seller can use this feature in order to interact with local customers and optimize the revenue. Moreover, you can also enhance the flexibility of your service. 
  • Mobile Advertising Is Becoming Flexible: Earlier the mobile ads comprise the static feature. Now, most of the professionals are implementing the videos and other dynamic contents with the mobile ads. Indeed, it is being made more engaging to improve the user’s experience and win the trust. 
  • Mobile Ads Can Implement Brand Image: Now, most of business professionals integrate mobile ads with location-based & social media friendly element, so that they can provide the best user-experience in order to establish the brand image all around the world. Moreover, it will also help you get the loyal customers.
  • Eases Mobile Shopping For Customers: Today, the mobile ads are being integrated with different functional buttons that will simplify the shopping. Owing to this feature, more and more customers like to use smartphones to shop the desirable items.

Impact Of Mobile Advertising In 2015

In 2015, you will witness the sluggish growth in mobile advertising because it is the emerging trend in digital marketing. The advertising through TV, Radio and other digital media will still rule the marketing industry.


In this year, the mobile advertising will bring such a remarkable change in the marketing paradigm that will influence more and more business professionals to deploy mobile advertising. Therefore, in the end of year 2015, it is estimated that advertising through mobile will grow at good pace and will soon account for more than 30% of the overall digital marketing share.

According to the study, in 2018, the mobile advertising (that comprises, mobile search ads, mobile app “web and native” and mobile video ads) will hold around 49.7% of total revenue generated through advertisement.

How Is Mobile App A New Place to Target Audience?

Mobile application is the best way to advertise about your product & service among the desirable audience. There are lots of ways for using the mobile app in terms of promoting & advertising the products among the audience: 

  • In-app advertisement: The developers can integrate the in-app advertisement feature that showcases the information about new service and product. But, here they have taken care of structure of the app. This means the structure should possess the minimalist design, so that the advertisement can be clearly viewed. 
  • Application can build Brand Awareness: By integrating the logo of the business with the app properly, the application can build the brand awareness. It can even remind the smartphones’ users about the brand presence all the time (when they swipe the screen in order to run the application) 
  • Promote the Products With Social Media Integration: The mobile app can add wings to your promotion strategy with the help of social media feature. By integrating social media feature with the mobile app, the users can directly share the products of the business without logging in to the social media platform. 
  • Theme of Mobile Application Can Also Help In Advertising: You can implement such a theme in a mobile application that not only provides the service, but also advertises products. For example, you have launched a Car (named XYZ), then you can build the mobile racing game app that features your car. In this way, you are entertaining as well as advertising the consumers.


Mobile advertising is today in an emerging phase. According to study, it has huge potential in terms of making marketing campaign successful. Indeed in the future, most of the marketing professional will give first preference to mobile advertising during the marketing campaign. Therefore, this is great opportunity to invest in mobile advertising and stave off the competition.

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