MilesWeb – One Stop Solution For All Your Web Hosting Needs

MilesWeb is a well known name in the web hosting industry. It offers a wide range of hosting plans suitable for beginners, small businesses, medium businesses, and large scale businesses. Their 24/7 technical support makes them the right choice for you.

What is MilesWeb?

MilesWeb is a web hosting company started in 2012. The company has been started with an aim to bridge the gap between web hosting needs and supply. The founders found that there are many other hosting companies available but none of them provides value for money. Most of the providers have labeled high price tags just to make money. This is not feasible for beginners to buy hosting from them, so to maintain the balance, they started MilesWeb, where you can get all the best of unlimited web hosting features and services at a very affordable price. This has helped many beginners, bloggers to fulfill their dream of having a website, and it is the only reason today MilesWeb has over 10,000 happy customers.

Let’s see types of web hosting offered by MilesWeb :

MilesWeb covers everything,  that suits for each type and size of business.

1) Shared hosting –

The shared hosting plan starts at just £1/month. Unlimited web hosting plans are offered under shared hosting so that you don’t need to switch to other hosting types as long as your site gets more number of visitors.

Among them, Swift plan is a favorite choice of customers. It costs only £2.50/month.

The Swift and Turbo Plan offers free domain. Also, the Turbo plan enables you to host unlimited websites under a single shared hosting account.

2) Reseller hosting –

Nowadays, many people are moving towards online side business, where they don’t have to pay any initial capital and time. Reseller hosting is the best choice for such business admirers, as it allows you to run your own web hosting business. You just need to buy any of the best-unlimited UK reseller hosting plans from MilesWeb and start selling it to your customers.  

MilesWeb offers 100% white label reseller hosting to all their resellers.

3) VPS hosting –

VPS hosting is an affordable choice for all the growing websites. It allows you to enhance the website’s performance without spending huge amount. VPS hosting acts like shared and dedicated hosting together. Managed VPS hosting plans from MilesWeb are powered by KVM hypervisor.  it is available in multiple sizes with various technical components.

VPS hosting has strong built-in servers that accelerated the website’s speed by almost 200%.

4) Dedicated servers :

Managed dedicated server provides dedicated hosting server setup, control panel installation, and configuration, third party software installation, Linux security and hardening, CMS and web application installation, CSF firewall installation and configuration, database optimization, rDNS setup, etc.

Yu get a dedicated IP with each dedicated server located in USA, UK, Netherlands, Germany, Czech, Romania, and Austria. You can ask for additional IPs by submitting a ticket to the billing team.

5) Cloud hosting –

Cloud hosting is a suitable type for large businesses having heavy traffic on a website on a daily basis. MilesWeb provides free support on their DigitalOcean and AWS cloud hosting plans. When you directly buy hosting from DigitalOcean or AWS, the support is charged actually higher than hosting. It depends on the query duration and needs to pay every time you put a request. On the other hand, at MilesWeb you get the support for free, regardless of how much time you ask for.

6) WordPress hosting –

With MilesWeb you can take your WordPress site on the internet in minutes. With Heart and Diamond plan, you get a free domain name. All WordPress plans come with automatic WordPress updates, preconfigured WordPress, fast provisioning, etc.

MilesWeb has considered a one-stop solution on all web hosting needs because it offers the best of services and features with all their hosting plans. Let’s look at some of the hosting features offered with all their plans :

  1. i) Free SSL certificate –

SSL certificate ensures that the data transfer between server and website remains secure. It is also considered as one of the ranking factors in search results. Thus it is highly advised to incorporate SSL certificate with all websites.

  1. ii) 100% SSD storage –

MilesWeb’s servers have built-in SSD storage space that increases the website’s performance and provides high uptime.

iii) Free website builder tool –

The website builder tool enables you to create any type of website without any technical knowledge. It is just a drag and drop tool, where the user needs to just select a theme and put content into it.

The website builder tool enables you to create a website in minutes.

  1. iv) 1 click installer –

The website needs to be updating every now and then and to do so, you need to try different applications as required. 1 click installer from MilesWeb enables you to install over 400 applications like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc.

  1. v) Latest PHP and MySQL –

Every website hosted at MilesWeb gets the latest software installed. The update of this software is done automatically so that you don’t need to worry about their latest versions.

Along with all these features you also get tight protection against malware, instant account setup, cPanel control panel, datacenter selection choice, etc.

Bottom Line :

All website owners expect a full-fledge solution for their sites, and at MilesWeb you get them all. You can count on them for 24/7 technical support and 99.95% uptime. In case you think their services are not worth it for you, then they provide 30 days money-back guarantee also, where they return all your money within 30 days.

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