Manage Multiple Cloud Storage Service in One APP—MultCloud


With the tremendous development in cloud technology, online storage services have gradually become a very important part in our lives. And some of us even have multiple cloud drives on different cloud services. More cloud drives provides us with more storage space. However, one may also feel frustrated when facing some problems in managing multiple cloud drives like being unable to locate some specific files. Thus a solution of multiple cloud services management is more than welcome, not to mention it’s free. Today we are going take a look at a web-based APP MultCloud. It might be the one that you’ve been looking for.

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Integrate Cloud Drives

The users can put all their accounts on Dropbox, Google Drive, Sky Drive, SugarSync, Amazon S3 or Box into one single MultCloud account. To access into an account of a certain service provider, you don’t have to go to their respective sites anymore. Just use your mouse to choose the providers from the sidebar in MultCloud’s main dashboard.


Download and Upload Files

The users can upload files in bulk but download files one at a time. In addition, there’s no limit in traffic. 

Search Files

Once we enter the keywords in the search bar, MultCloud will filter and locate the related files instantly among all the accounts. There’s no need for you to care about which hard drive you saved the files to too much, because later you can find them immediately in MultCloud anyway.


Move Files

Without third party utilities’ help, one can only move file between different cloud drive by applying the download-upload approach. At the same time, you can move files from one cloud drive into another without logins or signouts once you have added these cloud drives into MultCloud. There’s no need to download and upload for file transfer anymore. It works the same as moving files from one volume to another in Windows. 

Preview Files

MultCloud allows you to check files (formats: jpg, png, pdf, xls, doc) online. This could be very helpful for the users to distinguish different files.

Share Files

The users can share files such as photos and videos with their friends on Twitter, Facebook and some other SNS. Also they can share the files with friends via sending emails.


Concluding Thoughts

Given the fact that MultCloud is a free app, we really think its basic functions are quite powerful and practical though the real-time synchronization has not been realized yet. Also, we believe this app does have some to improve such as the design of its main dashboard, we hope can be better-looking with future upgrades. All in all, this free app is one of the best cloud management solutions on the market.

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