How many of you are Login with Facebook OTP One Time Password?

Facebook OTP One Time Password is not a new concept but i wanted to ask “How many are actually using Facebook OTP”. For some time i am seeing my friends using One Time password to login into Gmail account but never saw anyone use the same feature for Facebook. What is the reason, are users feels safe to use Facebook anywhere without worrying about stealing of their information. Facebook has lots of information about us and more are of personal nature that we don’t want to be public. There are lots of incidents of Facebook Password Hacked and stolen. Facebook itself is providing security mechanism such as Trusted Contacts that can be used to recover stolen or hacked password. Most of this cases are due to use of Facebook Account from systems that are either not secured or has malware. One way to use Facebook secure is to use the use OTP One Time Passwords. OTP is the mechanism in which before you can get access to your account, you need to enter the password received from Facebook on your registered mobile number. 

Facebook OTP One Time Password

Facebook OTP One Time Password

How to Activate One Time password in Facebook

Facebook OTP One Time Passwords are passwords that are sent by Facebook if you ask. It works like this – You need to use Facebook then you will send a sms from registered Mobile number with message as “otp” to the number specifically according to your country and Mobile Operator. You can see the list of operators supported by Facebook on this page. Then you will receive a unique 8 character password that can be used only once within 20 minutes of receiving it. In this case even someone knows your Facebook Password the person cannot login into your account as OTP password will be delivered on your registered mobile number. Below is the poll to find out How many users are using Facebook OTP One Time Password for secure login.

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One Time Password Facebook India – Why Users are not using?

I am going to talk specifically about India, since i am from India and found this among my friends that they are very cautious about using Gmail but not with Facebook. I wanted to know the reason, so i asked few of them and mostly don’t know about this facility from Facebook as you cannot find it on Facebook Login Page. Most of the users tends to use the information that are presented to them, users don’t like to search for things. Another reason that i get is the lack of supported mobile operators. If you go through the list you will be amaze not to find mobile operators like Airtel, Idea or Vodafone. Supported List of Mobile Operators and the SMS number is shown below.

  1. Tata Indicom – 51555
  2. Webaroo – 9232232665
  3. Aircel India – 51555
  4. Videocon – 51555

More Information on Facebook OTP One Time Password


It is very useful to secure your Facebook Account login and one way to do that is using Facebook OTP One Time Passwords. It is not difficult to active one time password in Facebook. You just have to send a SMS from your registered mobile number to receive password. I would like to say one thing about one time password Facebook India is that to get more users use this wonderful facility more mobile operators should be added. Another suggestion would to be to display information about Facebook OTP One Time Password on Login Page.

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