List of Best Editors for WordPress Web Design

Since its release, WordPress has become wildly popular. It has become the biggest web hosting service on the internet and, according to Hosting Tribunal, it powered about 34% of websites in 2019. This equals out to about 661 new websites every day and this influence only continues to grow. 

There are many reasons that WordPress has grown to such popularity. The biggest factor comes down to accessibility. WordPress is made to be easy to use no matter if the user has prior experience designing a website or not. This opens up the platform to private users and small businesses just as much as larger companies. 

WordPress web design editors also offer an advantage by making the creative process for a website technically easier. This gives users a better chance to create something that they’re both proud of and that will drive in higher volumes of traffic and conversion rates. 

Beaver Builder

When it comes to drag-and-drop WordPress website design services, Beaver Builder has built an impressive name for itself. It’s made to be a quick solution that expedites the process of crafting your company’s website.

The Beaver Builder comes with a supply of 30 templates that will help users get started right away. To customize, they can simply drag and drop features such as sliders and content blocks from the modules. 


PhpStorm offers a variety of features for developers to play with. It’s made to work as an integrated development environment, or IDE, that offers a comprehensive approach to WordPress site design.

The only downside to Phpstorm is that it comes with a learning curve. However, this is only because it’s so loaded with features that it can take a while to learn what they all are and how to use them if you’re a new user. Luckily, aside from the many features that the editor offers, PhpStorm also has the support and an extensive library of tutorials. 

Themify Builder

Themify Builder isn’t WordPress specific but it does offer a wide portfolio of themes to work with. This is useful because the themes used on WordPress often serve as the foundation of the design of the websites created on the platform. 

The pre-made options through this editor vary and cater to a variety of needs including websites for restaurants, photographers, online stores, blogs, and more. 

Thrive Architect

Thrive Architect is here to help companies that show interest in increasing their conversion rates. If Thrive sounds familiar, that may be because they have an akin useful tool called Thrive Themes which is also aimed at WordPress users. 

As for Architect, Thrive is another drag-and-drop editing tool that’s easy to use. The tool editor also offers 271 pre-made landing pages to get website developers started. This allows users to get their pages up and running quickly. 


Finally, one of the most popular choices when it comes to WordPress editors is SiteOrigin. This is a fairly comprehensive editor as it offers features such as an advanced row builder. It’s also a cost-free option that WordPress users have access to. 

SiteOrigin is also compatible with most WordPress widgets and themes. So, users don’t have to sacrifice their options to take advantage of the flexibility that the SiteOrigin editor offers them. 


These WordPress editing tools all have their distinct advantages. From finding a unique theme to easily organizing the layout of your business’ landing pages, there isn’t much that users can’t control with these tools. Using these WordPress Editors will help users to create websites that are not only functional and attractive but profitable as well. With so many options to choose from, WordPress users have a wide variety of choices to find who best fits them.

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