Life Before Facebook: Do You Remember?

Do you remember life without Facebook? That time when there was no existence of any huge social media network and no digital wall was there for Social media updates, we still survived in those days and spent a good time to preserve memories in other forms. People managed to share their feelings, communicate well in the old days without Facebook. Let’s have a look at old days that how we managed our social life without Facebook.

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Social media life before Facebook:

Before Facebook, people used to enjoy their lives in healthy activities instead of sitting for hours in front of a computer. Check below the ways of amusements before this largest social media network.

  • Funs with friends – Those memories are sweet when we used to play all the day outside home without even thinking about updating our activities. Riding bikes, playing outdoor games, fun with friends and sweet childhood memories were all fun.
  • Writing on walls – Before Facebook, people used to enjoy drawing cartoons and designs on the walls. Generally toilet walls were used for this purpose. You must observe a wall with funny quotes, pictures and humorous statements. There was no Facebook wall to make people laugh and these public walls were used for the same purpose.

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  • Birthday wishes – When there was no Facebook and only email was there, people send cards and birthday wishes in the form of e-cards and also most of people preferred to send cards with handwritten messages to their loved ones. Now, reminding a birthday is not a problem. Facebook reminds each and every event, but a message on the wall cannot beat the old tradition methods of wishing birthdays.
  • Reading- When there was no Facebook, Twitter, snapshot and similar tool for interacting with friends and families’, people like to read different books. They spent spare time in reading exciting and informative books, but due to Facebook and other social media networks it is difficult to read with consistency. Reading for a minute and then checking Facebook status the next moment is distracting readers’ attention.
  • No need to inform daily activities – In the past, when there was no social network people did not need to tell others what they are doing. Eating, sleeping, playing and enjoying everything was done privately and no one from family or a friend knows what you were doing. But Facebook statuses make it a need to update all the activities.

Yahoo Messenger and MySpace – Life before Facebook was not free from chatting and updates but people use messengers to talk with friends and they liked to participate in group chats. MySpace was the largest network before Facebook, but it was ended when Facebook takes a boom.

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Facebook is becoming a largest social network and life before this was very simple. Facebook benefits had overcome the drawbacks. You can communicate with your different friends at one time. Not only this, but you can use other applications and tools while using Facebook. This keeps you in contact all the time on a single device.

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