Ladies Footwear: The Top 10 Types Of Heels

Ladies footwear is in generally intriguing for the wide variety and styling alternatives it incorporates but one thing is for sure, heels are a class of their own. Whether they are the traditional wedges or the stilettos, they always exude exemplary elegance. Some of these have gone out of style, some are classics, some are not so great for your health while some keep coming back in cycles. Here is your complete guide on some iconic heels that have continue to make headlines in the ladies footwear segment for generations now and will win you admiration in times to come.

Ladies Footwear: The Top 10 Types Of Heels

  1. Stilettos: These are perhaps the best known heels. A high heel variant, sometime these can be as tall as 8 inches and often worn to gain lengthening effect if you are not a naturally tall built person. However they are also associated with some ankle, knee and health problems on prolonged use and are often advised to wear with caution. One basic fact though remains that if you are trying to achieve that chic sophisticated look, nothing’s quite like stilettos to make a statement in.
  2. Kitten Heels: They are probably one of the best mixes of style and comfort and beautifully marries the cool urbane look with a comfortable and relaxed feeling. One of the most popular heels in the ladies footwear section, There are famous for their versatility and adaptability in any style scenario, be it home or work, you will be comfortable.
  3. Pumps: These are perhaps one of the most worn heel types globally. These are relatively wider as compared to the stilettos and are generally about to 2-3 inches high. Invariably you will find these low cut around the front to bring out a much better look and feel to the overall get-up.
  4. Wedge Heels: These are often as high as the stilettos but there is no separation from the heel to the sole and often it can be quite flush. They have an overall chunky kind of look and have a huge imposing presence. These are often found to be cyclical in the list of style sensibilities and keep getting reinvested with time. This type of shoes are most popular at Paytm as well as in Snapdeal. You can grab some coupons here to get those deals.
  5. Wedge Sandals: They are quite similar to wedge heels in look and style but the glaring difference is these wedge sandals are strapped and are generally more open with an overall sandal like feel as compared to the wedge heels.
  6. Ankle Strap Heels: These are perhaps the raging style sensation of modern times and are seen to be much in demand. Secured with a strap around the ankle, your regular high heels or stilettos get a revamped look in this avatar. Additionally they are also more comfortable and easier to walk around as a result of the ankle strap.
  7. Spool Heels: Heels are perhaps one of those aspects of ladies footwear that has seen a wide range of experiments from good to bad to comfortable to something completely out of the ordinary. The spool heel is one shining example. These heels are short, thicker at the sole and relatively narrow in the middle and have a relatively stout look.
  8. French Heels: They look very similar to spool heels but compared to them are more elegant and curvy in shape. These are also popularly known as the Louis Heels or the Pompador Heels and the reminiscent of the classy, understated French styling couture famous for their detailing and elaborate intricate work all over.
  9. Ballroom Dance Shoes: A perfect union of comfortable and classy, these are short heeled, ankle strapped shows, securely fastened to provide the wearer the maximum comfort as well as an elegant look. The science in making them is geared towards optimising support to help you groove in style without compromising the style quotient any bit whatsoever. These days you will notice that they are increasingly becoming a popular choice at weddings given the higher degree of comfort.
  10. Mules: Mule Heels is a common term referred to any kind of heels that generally come up high over the top of the foot. They can be either closed or open dependent on the overall styling.


Of course there are many others too but in the general ladies footwear genre these are indisputably the top ten leaders.

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