iStonsoft Mobi to PDF Converter Review – Convert MOBI or PRC files to PDF for reading

Wondering what’s is a Mobi File and Why I need to convert it to PDF. Well before I start reviewing Mobi to PDF Converter from iStonsoft, let’s discuss what is Mobi File and what its use is in daily routine. A MOBI File extension is Mobipocket eBook file used for the distribution of books. There are lots of software’s available to open Mobi File and you can read the content of the book on those software. But most of the readers prefer to use Adobe Reader or MS Word to read books on computer. One more reason to convert eBooks from Mobi to PDF format is that you can carry the PDF on mobiles, tablet and easily access them anywhere. In this post I am going to review iStonsoft Mobi to PDF Converter software with How to use the software and in the end analysis of the result.


iStonsoft Mobi to PDF Converter – Features

It is a very light software size under 20MB which is good as you can download and install the software in no time. It comes for both Windows and MOBI to PDF Converter for Mac Operating System. Best feature of the software is its speed of conversion which is about 1 minute for 100 pages. Complete features of iStonsoft Mobi to PDF Converter software are the following:

  • Easy and Smooth conversion of Mobi to PDF
  • Supports both MOBI and PRC file extension
  • All contents – Text, hyperlinks, graphics are preserved to the best quality during conversion process
  • Batch Conversion Mode, Partial Conversion in which you can set Page number to used

Review of iStonsoft Mobi to PDF Converter

To review the software I am using sample Mobi file downloaded from here. One thing I want to share before converting the file is its size which is 2.2MB. Now after downloading and installation of the software open it and select the file for conversion process as shown in the image below:

Mobi to PDF Converter

Once the file is selected all you need to do is click “Start Button” and within few seconds I have the PDF file ready to be use. I have used Windows version of the software and if you need to see for MAC version Click – convert MOBi to PDF


In the review process I have used 2.2 MB Mobi file which gets converted to PDF in few seconds and without any loss of information such as hyperlinks, image quality etc. But apart from all the parameters I got impressed with the PDF file size which is only 313KB as you can below:


Now this is some serious reduction in file size with all the details and best part of this conversion process is that you can now read the book on mobile, tablet and computer using your old Adobe PDF Reader.

So if you have lots of Mobi format ebooks, I strongly recommend you to use iStonsoft Mobi to PDF converter.  

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