Is M.Tech – A Worthy Shot?

What should I do after an undergraduate in the engineering stream? Should I opt for Placement or Should I go for Higher studies abroad? This has always been a rhetorical question on the minds of engineering graduates who look for the right path for them to get into. One of the options they leave unexplored is M.Tech in premium universities across India. There are several government institutes like IIT’s and NIT’s and several private universities like Jain University, VIT University, etc offer an M.Tech course under various streams. Students, who are ambitious to pursue higher studies, can opt for this stream, as they’re entitled to receive twice the amount of salary as they receive after undergraduate.

The perks of doing masters in engineering are highly propitious. Let’s break down the perks into understandable terms. A Master’s degree in any engineering field embodies you as a person with superior technical knowledge on the field. This is directly proportional to the salary cap you’ll be receiving from any company, as you’ll be given a higher role as soon as you graduate. The biggest perk of all is that you’ll have a secured job and further if you want to pursue more, you can opt for Ph.D. studies.

It’s making a fool of yourself when you argue that there aren’t many reputed Colleges. IIT might be the golden ticket graduates aim for but not all can get into it. And to be frank it’s not the end of the road too. Numerous universities across various cities in the country offer an M.Tech course. And out of that, Bangalore presides over as the city with vast opportunity in M.Tech Studies. There are several M.Tech colleges in Bangalore, that offer various specialization courses for graduates in the domain they are keen to specialize in. 

What do I require to pursue M.Tech?

Getting an admission for the M.Tech course in India is not a complex  task. All they need is to be strong in their fundamentals and possess a more distinct picture of what stream they would like to take up after graduation. Graduates are required to take up GATE Examinations, as it’s a fundamental requirement to get an M.Tech Seat into any university. It’s an old myth that private universities don’t accept gate scores but a lesser-known fact is that GATE scores are used for further filtration process based on both the entrance exam scores and Undergraduate laurels. Many Private universities like Jain University, BITS, etc adopt this method to filter out huge numbers of applications and provide them seats based on this criterion. So, undergrads, GATE is highly important and it will be advantageous if you take up and score a decent score though you didn’t qualify.

Apart from GATE, the graduate must maintain a consistent record of GPA during their undergraduate studies. Try to maintain a score above 7.5 CGPA across all 8 semesters so that it doesn’t create problems at the entry-level of anything you’re planning to venture in. 

M.Tech In India: An Overview

Annually M.Tech take in for premium universities is around 300+ and may vary according to the standards set by the university. About 1500+ students are taken in at undergraduate levels and around 700+ opt for placements. 25% out of the remaining plans for higher studies abroad and 15% plan for civil service examinations. Not to demotivate, but those two are like the ultimate throw of dice to achieve an exemplary life as planned. You may tend to rewrite and reappear, but it’s high time that you reconsider your thoughts.

GATE examinations are annually written by around 10Lakh+ graduates seeking government jobs as well as admissions into premium institutes for a postgraduate course in the domain of their interest. Stats show that, on average, an Graduate from a reputed university earns up to 10 LPA which is like twice the amount of salary earned by engineering undergraduates in India.

The number of universities offering M.Tech Course isn’t always restricted demographically. There are several deemed universities or colleges offering M.Tech courses across every state. Out of all metropolitan cities, Bangalore offers the most considerable number of seats for admissions. There are several M.Tech Colleges in Bangalore which provides students to explore specialization courses that aren’t offered by even premium institutes around the country.

Everything just squares down to the interest that the students possess and their willingness to pursue their dreams. Higher studies abroad aren’t achievable due to the cosmic financial stress it levies upon, but that doesn’t stop there. Students can achieve their dreams here and several colleges have an MOU with foreign universities which will ultimately land you there. There are, however, oceans of opportunities present in front of undergraduates but depends on how deep they’re willing to dive in. Repeatedly blaming yourself for not getting into college placements isn’t the answer, but instead, take some time off to explore the pacific in front of you. Work hard and go deep, sooner or later, you’ll find your dream destination.

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