iOS 7 Is Serving What The Company Wants From It

iOS 7 has been serving really good for the Apple users and the new updates from apple are really mind-blowing and exciting. Apple has remained always on the top if compared with the Android from Google. According to the latest charts that have been published on the Apple’s center page, iOS now powers 74% of the total iPhones that have been used worldwide. This new update of iOS 7 was introduced in the mid of the September in 2013 and it has given one of the most successful User Interface changes since the beginning.

iOS 7

Statistics say that 74% people in the world are having the latest iOS7 as their Operating systems where on the other hand Android is being used only 1.1% users in the market. 

Google updates are still lagging behind if compared to iOS7

The record set by Apple and the regular updates is far away from Google’s Android. Google has to really work very hard to become as effective as Apple. The latest version given from Android which is named as Android KitKat has suffered from a very long time fragmentation. Also it did not get very popular and it was available only for few devices so far. Only 1.1% Android users have the option for updating their softwares to this latest KitKat version. Comparing to Apple it has a ground breaking percentage of Apple users i.e.74% of the people in the world are using Apple iOS7 as their latest operating system. Where Android has 24.1% users at present and most of them are running on Jellybean. Google has to pull its socks if it really wants to compete with the Apple.

iOS 7 has also seen various ups and downs

However it is not that iOS7 has not faced any issues. Initially when iOS7 was launched, there were various problems with iOS7 and Apple users were highly disappointed with the new update. Because of the radical changes in the User Interface there are a number of users that have not fallen only for the beautiful designs but they wanted to see something new. No doubt in the fact that iOS7 received a hell lot of complaints but still managed to be on its grounds.

Google should think about its update strategies and should give their users a competitive update to meet their requirements. But the bad point is that Google give its updates but they are still not available for every smart phone. iOS 7 is certainly ahead of Google’s android buy the latest version given by Google namely KitKat will definitely catch up if the company make it a little more accessible.

The race between Apple and android will always remain on the edge and both the platforms will keep on improving their operating systems. It’s just both will keep on working and will search for something new every day and will work more on how they can give the tough competition to each other. This is actually fun.

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