Instantly Backup Google Apps Mail Using Google Apps Backup Software

Google Apps Backup is an application software which is used for creating back up of the Google apps like Gmail for work, Gmail for education, etc. Google Apps is a set of web applications provided by Google. These web applications include Google email, Google calendar, Google docs, Google talk (chat), Google mobile and Google sites. While these web applications are available, free of charge when used individually, but when used collectively these applications are named Google Apps for Work/Education and so on. The services when provided under Google Apps be chargeable since they feature customized accordingly for the end user.

The Limitations of Performing Cloud Backup

However, as far as the security of this application and its services is considered backup generation is very important. Backup not only offers availability of data alternatively but also makes it possible for users to only maintain their data in archived form and clear it from the Cloud storage to prevent cybercrime. There comes the role of a third party application to make the backup possible. As far as local data is concerned, you can simply create a copy of it and make it available and usable as backup. Meanwhile, a cloud storage cannot be backed up similarly as you are not authorized to take control of the data stored within. In order to get ownership and backup of the cloud storage, all you have to do is use a third party tool due to the lack of a manual procedure available for the same.

Google Apps Backup software enables you to backup Google Apps mail on to your local machine to achieve the above-described requirements. Most commonly and latest file format. User can back up there emails, contacts, calendar and documents without any file size limitation along with having a fast internet connection for quick back up process. The software provides following two ways for backing up procedure:

  1. Single User Backup – The case in which user needs to backup only his/her data, by providing his/her valid username and password.
  2. Domain User Backup – The case in which user is an admin and wants to back up the data of the multiple employees by providing Admin credentials.

Backup Google apps mail by filtering emails from Google Apps during its backup and user can define email folders name in Comma-Separated Value for selective folder backup from Google Apps account. Now if a random issue occur that is internet connection is interrupted then software have an option of Resume that will continue the process from the time it left before, connection time was interrupted. The backup Google email can be stored to hard drive of computer system, which is saved in some specific formats like .eml, .pst, .mbox, etc. All the formatting and associated metadata properties like To, From, Cc, Bcc, email address, house address, groups, calendar recurrences, meeting alerts, etc. remain intact.

Within an organization Backup Google app for business purposes, because an organization has bulk of employees working in organization and those employees may require there emails to be backed up for some need. The admin of the Google app for work who is using the Google service has to decide one of the two ways for backing up the Google apps mail.

The software also provides facility to delete mails from the Google Apps account after its backup with the help of ‘delete after download’ option. The option deletes user’s Google Apps account data from the server once it has been backed up on the local machine to prevent it from any misuse. The mails can be backed up in one of the four formats – EML file format, MSG file format, PST file format, and MBOX file format. It downloads spreadsheet as .xls file, documents as .doc, presentation as .ppt and drawing as .jpeg format. It ensures to maintain the original formatting of each file that is being attached with mails.

For saving emails from cloud, the software has a feature that while backing up the Google app emails user can set the date range to download data that will allow user to save data ranging between specific time intervals. Software maintains the original folder structure as before after downloading the data.


Mails from Google Apps for work can be easily backed up through using the software that provides an attractive user interface for backing up our emails and maintaining the consistency of folders.

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